Why You Should Keep Your Home Well Maintained

Having a home can be liberating. To some, a particular space that belongs only to them means a lot, but a house sometimes demands more than just wiping up dust and vacuuming. Every season brings different hurdles that you’ll have to overcome, and home maintenance should be your top priority. Read on to see why.

A well maintained home has a greater value

Are you considering moving out and selling your home? Home maintenance is especially crucial if you’re the owner looking to sell your property. Statistics say that staged homes sell 87% faster than non-staged ones. In fact, it only takes 11 days to sell a staged home, according to most real estate agencies.

But that’s not all. There are other reasons why you should keep your house maintained even if you’re not looking to sell it.

Home maintenance is a money saver

Leaks around toilets and sinks, lousy caulking, clogged drains, a speck of mold in the corner—these all sound like minor issues, but if you leave them alone for more extended periods, you’re throwing money down the drain. This is especially true if you let these problems pile up. Get some home maintenance help. Then you might have to solve them all at once, and some can prove to be a harder and more expensive task to finish than what you initially thought.

It increases home efficiency

Regular home check-ups are good to do, but the energy, money, and time you’re willing to put into the actual work matter a lot. A well-kept home is a fully functional home. You could have all the IoT devices in the world, but if you don’t improve home efficiency, chances are you’ll have some issues. 

Some examples of changes that make your home more efficient include the following: 

Windows – They’re one of the main reasons for heat loss during the winter. Consider installing multiple panes or replacing your windows with those rated by Energy Star. Hanging a curtain can also help with both decor and keeping the warmth inside.

Ceiling fans – AC units consume a lot of energy to cool down your home. But if you install ceiling fans, your electrical bill might surprise you in a positive way.

Solar panels – Another way to cut down expenses are solar panels. If you aren’t interested in purchasing them yourself, you can contact a solar company that offers a power lease. 

Low-flow toilets – Did you know that toilets use 30%–40% of the water in your home? Think about exchanging your regular toilets with low-flow, dual flush, or vacuum-assist ones to save on water consumption.

Don’t forget the backyard

Walk around the house once a month and make a note of all the issues. Pay special attention to the gutter as it can collect leaves and other detritus. Notice if your patio needs some work done. If you have more grass than you’d like to mow, place mulch beds on top. Mulch is decorative, inexpensive, great for preventing weed growth, and reduces yard work.


Set some home-care priorities that focus on preventative home maintenance. That way, you’ll have more free time and enough money left in your bank account for other upgrades that can make your home pretty and improve your quality of life.

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