Which window style is best for you?

There are so many different types of windows – how do you choose which are the best for your home? 

Today, we’ll discuss what you should consider when picking out windows!

It really comes down to two things – style preference and function. 

Choosing windows by style

Homeowners don’t always think about windows as a style feature, but they should!

For example, a bay window can add character and natural light to any room. Harvey Building Products said, “They are as visually appealing from the outside as the inside. These styles go great for living rooms or anywhere you want to have maximum daylight and additional interior space.”

Windows can also be a statement feature! On the extreme end, some rooms in houses can be completely enclosed by windows on one or all sides like a greenhouse. This is a fun and memorable choice!

Choosing windows by function

You also need to think about how a window will work for you. Should it slide up and down or should it open outward? Do you need to open it for cooling the home or will it mostly stay closed? 

If you want to focus on energy savings, a fixed window might be the best option. The Spruce said, “Fixed windows are used to provide view or light where ventilation or egress is not a need.” However, the tradeoff is that they do not open. 

Caring for your windows

Once you choose the right window type for you, maintain it so it lasts a long time! Keep the windows clean, make sure the tracks are clear, and maintain the caulking and the seal. 

Caring for your windows will help them last longer, so let us help you!

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