Which design style fits you?

One of the keys to cohesive home design is sticking to one design style – but where do you start?

Capital Life Style broke down a few design styles so you can see which one is your favorite!

Mid-Century modern is really in recently. They said, “With mid-century modern, you get a unique blend of minimalism and a kind of ancient retro look. The main theme followed through with this interior style is fuss free. The style is mostly crisp, with simple lines, rusty metals, wood galore, subtle silhouette and hues of greens and blues.”

If that’s not for you, check out modern, industrial, bohemian, minimalist, farmhouse, and more!

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Attributes of modern interior design style include: Clutter free,  intentional asymmetry, no ornaments, neutrals with primary and bold color contrast, geometric pattern or plain area rugs, open floor plan.When you think of industrial interior design, think : -Raw an

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