What to do if your gutters are totally clogged

Clogged gutters are no fun! 

If this is your first time dealing with it, don’t panic. Grab a ladder, a bucket, a hose, and a trowel. 

Home Selfe said, “Carefully climb up the ladder until you can see the inside of the gutter. Scoop out the debris and dump it in the bucket. Keep doing this on other sections of the gutter until all of the debris has been removed.”

Then, flush them out with the hose! Check out the article below if you want to learn more!

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The water that spills over the sides of the gutter could fall on top of flowers, plants, and bushes located close to your home.Use a hose to run water through the gutters and remove tiny pieces of dirt and debris that you could not get to with your trowel or plastic sco

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