Two ways you can maintain your chimney

It’s really important to take good care of your chimney. 

Falling behind on maintenance can lead to expensive fixes or even disaster. In fact, one report said, “On average, there are more than 25,000 chimney fires a year, and that accounts for more than $120 million in damage.”

Here are two things you can do to maintain your chimney this winter!

1: Clean it!

When is the last time your had your chimney cleaned? 

The answer should be within the last year. Chimneys should really be cleaned annually, and they need to be cleaned the right way!

Country Living said, “Most importantly, burning a sweeping log should not replace an annual chimney cleaning! When you burn a sweeping log, the creosote dries up into a flaky consistency. This makes a professional chimney sweep’s job much easier, but still necessary.”

You can clean it yourself or choose to hire a professional.

2. Pay extra attention to wood stoves

Wood stoves are very cool, but they are also a lot of work. 

Make sure you are paying close attention to your wood stove and be absolutely certain that you are using it the right way. 

For example The Augusta Chronicle said, “Always operate your appliance within the manufacturer’s recommended temperature limits. Too low a temperature increases creosote buildup, which could cause a chimney fire. Too high a temperature may eventually cause damage to the chimney and may also result in a fire.”

In conclusion, stay warm this winter and stay safe!

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