Two signs you might have a plumbing problem

Catching plumbing problems before they become a nightmare is key.

However, if you’re not a professional you might not know what to look for!

Here are two major warning signs you could have a plumbing problem that needs attention. 

Warning #1: Low water pressure

If your water pressure is typically pretty good and you notice a change, that might indicate an issue. 

Realtor said to try cleaning it out first, “But if that doesn’t restore your pressure to normal, things could be more serious—like a fractured pipe, an eroded waterline, or a water leak in the system. Don’t try to fix these compacted issues yourself—call in a pro immediately.”

Don’t chance it! Professionals will know how to find the issue and fix the problem at its source. 

Warning #2: Drain problems

If your drains are backing up around the house or you find sewage in a floor drain – that is definitely not good. 

These are indicators that your sewage line is clogged, and problems like this can escalate quickly. 

AZ Big Media said, “Besides being a major inconvenience and causing odors, sewage back-ups can also ruin the interior surfaces of your home. Because there is the potential for costly damage to your house, you should act fast to get the help you need to fix the problem.”


Our experienced HeyBryan professionals can help you with issues like these so you can rest easy knowing the problem is fixed. Don’t wait for things to escalate! Download our app today to get started. 

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