Two new home design trends for 2020

2020 is coming up fast! 

Home design trends change quickly, so we do expect to see some new things in the next year. 

Here are two home design trends we think will be popular in 2020. 

1. New kitchen colors

If you haven’t noticed, white kitchens have been very in style the last few years. 

While a clean, all white kitchen is still in – we are starting to see some trends break away from that. 

Yahoo said, “Houzz points to soft hues, like light grays and blues, as on-the-rise replacements for the all-white kitchen. Another option for those who can’t part with their white cabinets? Pops of wood, which can be introduced through open shelving, countertops, drawers, and pull-outs.”

What color would you pick for your kitchen?

2. New wallpaper

Wallpaper may have gone out of style for some time, but it’s definitely back in now!

It’s definitely a fun way to add some interesting texture to a space!

House Beautiful reported, “Botanical designs, a metallic twist on geometric patterns, and applying wallpaper in the bathroom are among the biggest wallpaper trends for 2020.”

Popular rooms for wallpaper accent walls include bathrooms and living rooms. Some people are even getting creative with wallpaper on the ceiling!

Do you have a wall that could use some sprucing up? Consider trying out a wallpaper style!

No matter how you style your home, remember to keep up with regular maintenance. HeyBryan is here to help!

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