Two basic feng shui concepts to try in your home

Chances are, you’ve heard of feng shui.

Merriam-Webster defines it as, “A Chinese system for positioning a building and the objects within a building in a way that is thought to agree with spiritual forces and to bring health and happiness.”

Today we are going to introduce you to two basic feng shui techniques to get you started!

Feng Shui Tip #1: Know the elements

The five elements are very important to feng shui.

My Domaine said, “The five elements—earth, wood, fire, water, and metal—can be present in your home either physically or symbolically.”

You can be creative in incorporating them – from colors and art to actually adding the elements. It’s up to you and what fits naturally within your space.

Feng Shui Tip #2: The Commanding Position

Where you position certain things in your home matters a lot. The commanding position refers to positive energy and the command you have over your own life.

According to this principle, you should be able to see the door from your bed, your stove, and your desk. Do some rearranging and see how this works for you!

The Spruce said, “When you are in a commanding position, you are in command of your life. You are in a position to receive positive energy and the best opportunities.”

Keep learning

There is a lot to feng shui, so take it a few steps at a time. Check out this Ultimate Feng Shui Guide for Your Home for more information.

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