Top ways your garden can help grow your home’s value

A gorgeous garden isn’t just a pretty face on your home, it’s a pretty profitable project too. A 2018 study by the National Association of Realtors showed that a great garden can increase your home’s value and you’ll generally recover 100 per cent or more of your investment.

Specifically, this study also showed that lawn care would recover 267 percent of the cost invested, while landscape maintenance and tree care would recoup 100 percent of the money spent.

In addition, those studied also said the enjoyment of landscaping — or ‘Joy Score’ as they called it — gave a statement landscape a rating of 9.7.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or not, a beautiful garden and yard will always improve your home’s ‘curb appeal’ and streetscape.

Hire a HeyBryan landscape or lawn maintenance Expert because they have the kind of green thumb experience you need for these projects and have been approved by the Bryan Baeumler team. They also have the right tools and equipment to save you time and money.

Here’s are some key areas a HeyBryan landscape or lawn maintenance Expert can help with appeal of your garden:

Don’t pass on the grass

It takes some effort, but you can get your lawn looking plush and green by simply feeding, fertilizing and watering it at the right time. A knowledgeable Expert will know exactly what you need to treat your lawn, so you don’t burn money using too much, or too little, product.

Plan for growth

If you are planning to renovate or change the layout of your garden, be sure to start with small plants, bushes and trees to allow for future growth and expansion. Keep them a good distance from your home’s walls, and exterior buildings or fencing, so they don’t smother the structure.

Trim trees, bushes and plants

Regular pruning and trimming of trees, bushes and plants, at the right time of year, will keep your garden looking clean and tidy, and improve their health.

Use flowers to colour

Whether you choose to plant annuals or perennials, flowers can add bright pops of colour to an otherwise monochrome green landscape. You’ll need know how much water and sunlight your flowers need to be sure they’re planted in the right place.

Garden lighting illuminates the space

Show off your gorgeous garden at night with outdoor lighting. There’s a massive amount of choice to be had when it comes to the design and placement of these features. You can, for instance, use spotlights for up-lighting a tree, lanterns lining a garden bed, or twinkle lighting wrapped around a tree trunk or branches. For added inspiration, find out more about our top outdoor lighting trends for 2019 here.

Go vertical with pots, planters and hanging baskets

Add seasonal flare with potted plants, planters and hanging baskets of flowers and plants specific to the time of year. Just be sure they are frequently watered as the dirt can dry out fast in the sun.

Keep weeds and pests under control

Weeds and pests can quickly ruin the look of your garden, so be proactive. There are plenty of products on the market, so make sure to study what’s right for your needs. If you’re concerned about their ingredients, there are also natural options that may work such from salt to vinegar. If you have pets and children, be sure to research what’s safe to use.

A fresh, bright and well-manicured garden is a great way of adding to the value of your home, whilst also providing you with a beautiful, relaxing, private space. Hire a HeyBryan Expert to help yours reach its full potential.

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