Top tips for working on your green thumb

Some people seem to be born with a green thumb!

Some of us not so much.

If you have a bad track record with plants and gardens, don’t give up! We have some tips for outdoor and indoor plants that will help you add some greenery to your home.

Indoor plant tips

For indoor plants, you have a little more control so it’s important to research the individual plant and create the right conditions. Check if the plant prefers direct light, shade, or a combination of the two.

Also, don’t get too eager and overwater! Nature’s Path said, “A major cause of killing any kind of plant is over-watering. Air spaces in the soil get choked with water. Plant roots need air as much as they need water and nutrients.”

Finally, make sure any plants you put in your home are not toxic to pets.

Outdoor plant tips

Tending to a garden is very different than caring for indoor plants.

Start from the very base, the soil! Reader’s Digest said, “Understanding your soil type—sand, silt, clay or loam—is crucial when starting a garden.”

Choose plants that will do well in your climate, plant them at the right times, water them as needed, and keep the weeds away!

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