Top 5 fence styles for your yard

The type of fence you choose can make or break the style of your home. If security and privacy are important to you, that can limit your options a bit, but there should be something to fit your needs.

Many companies provide custom fencing that achieves whatever goals you need your fence to achieve. A roofing contractor pointed out during his years as a contractor, he has found that many companies offer fencing installations based on not only the exterior of the yard, but also based on the ideal fence that the customer has in mind. With that being said, if the standard options don’t work for you, look for a contractor who offers custom options.

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However, most people should be able to choose from the standard fencing options when picking their perfect fence. Here are a few of the top options for you to choose from.

The best fencing styles


Vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and can even be made to look like wood. If you want a modern look, a white or black vinyl fence can add to your style.

They’re also available in solid variants for complete privacy or open variants if you want to let the neighbourhood see your yard. Even if they’re see-through, they are still sturdy.

Vinyl fencing will likely last the longest of all types of fencing. They don’t crack, split, rot, rust, or blister and won’t grow mold or fungus. The most maintenance you’ll have to do is a quick spray with a hose occasionally.

If you decide you want to install your fence yourself, it’s also one of the easiest to install. You only need a few basic tools and instructions.

Since it lasts so long, it is also one of the most expensive types. However, you’ll end up saving money because you won’t have to replace your fence for a long time.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are popular because they are durable, cheap, and require very little maintenance. However, they certainly aren’t the nicest looking or most secure option.

Most children can easily climb a chain-link fence, so it definitely won’t keep intruders out. However, they are great for keeping pets in.

If you’re worried about your dog running out in the street, a chain-link fence can keep them confined to one area. Obedient children will also be protected as long as they follow your advice to stay in the fenced-in area.

The main use of fencing is security and privacy. However, some do choose to install a fence purely for aesthetic purposes. It’s up to you to decide what purpose your fence will serve.


A steel fence will keep your property safe. If you’re looking to keep people out, this is your best option aside from adding an electric fence or barbed wire. It’s incredibly durable and is another option if you’re looking for something that will last a long time.

They’re also much more difficult to climb than other materials. Most steel fences are topped with sharp or awkward hazards. Trying to knock it down will prove difficult as well.

Like vinyl, this material lasts a long time and is expensive because of that. You also won’t be able to install it yourself. Installing a steel fence takes a team of people who know what they’re doing.


If you want something that’s a bit less secure than steel but easier to install, aluminum is a good option for you. Like steel, they are also topped with awkward hazards, but they are often shorter. And they don’t last as long.

Like vinyl, they are customizable. They come in a variety of colors and grades. You also won’t break the bank when buying them. They’re arguably the cheapest option you can get without sacrificing security.

Also like vinyl, they will only need a wash with a hose or pressure washer occasionally. If your home is on land with many slopes, it is also easily rackable, meaning it can be adjusted along the slopes.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to install this type of fence on your own either, and it is not private. Like some vinyl fences, aluminum fences are see-through, but unlike vinyl, they don’t have the option to be private.

Wood or Composite

A wood fence is a classic option. A white picket fence was once part of the ideal home in the US. They’re private, they look great, and they’re highly customizable.

Wood won’t last as long as the other materials on this list. You’ll need to sacrifice longevity for style and properly maintain the fence. They can rot and be damaged by termites, so you’ll need to check up on your fence regularly.

However, if the wood is sourced locally, it is one of the more environmentally friendly options. And once it has passed its usefulness, it will naturally decompose. This isn’t true of metal and plastic fences.

Once you know the purpose, you can choose your material. If you’re looking for maximum security, steel will keep people out. If you’re looking for something that looks nice and offers privacy, vinyl, composite, and wood are great options.

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