Top 10 interior design trends for 2019

The top 10 interior design trends for 2019 were showcased at the Toronto Interior Design Show in January that featured hundreds of exhibitors from across Canada. Here’s what you can expect to see at stores selling furniture, flooring, lighting, accessories, paint, appliances and more.

1. Restful retreats

Pods that look like clouds were a big hit at the show. The oversized cloud-like inflatables add a zen-like touch to a space. Attendees were invited into the restful cocoons for a moment of mindfulness, distraction-free. Put one in your backyard or home office and climb in, relax and let your stress fade away.

2. Quiet kitchens and smart appliances

Kitchens designed to minimize noise and distractions are intended to enhance the meditative, relaxing aspects of meal preparation and cooking. As for appliances, you probably already have a smart TV, so smart kitchen appliances such as the fridge and oven continue to evolve. Your fridge will send you a message to let you know you’re out of eggs, and your oven will take a photo of your food inside so you can judge whether it’s ready or not. If you are installing new appliances, or need appliance repair, contact a HeyBryan Expert to ensure the work is done right.

3. Indoor greenery

Plants add life and freshness to any decor and the newest trend is to move them out of traditional pots and on to walls and ceilings. Moss is especially ideal for these living surfaces — but don’t worry, the greenery will be made of plastic, or real foliage will be coated with glycerin so there’s no need to worry about watering it.

4 Black window frames

Black window frames not only add a powerful architectural element that’s hip and industrial, the colour is much more practical since it hides dirt such as finger and paw prints. The sleek window trims add a dramatic touch with just the right amount of contrast.

5. Well-worn furniture

Perfect furniture doesn’t look like it has a story to tell in the same way a well-worn chair or chipped dresser does. Look for furniture with imperfections that add character and personality to a space.

6. Paint colours of the year

The top three paint colours from Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paints are Blueprint Blue, Cavern Clay and Metropolitan Grey. The diversity means you can be extroverted with bold colours, or introverted with a safe grey and either way, your home is still in style. Contact a HeyBryan Expert painter to update your decor with a fresh new look.

7. Metal and glass walls

The industrial look of metal is being used on walls for framing or inserts, and glass walls are used to define a space while still providing a feeling of open-concept style. These materials add a clean, streamlined feel with distinct edges.

8. Dramatic lighting

Lighting continues to evolve into sculpture and now combines multiple styles of globes, cones and a varied mix of materials that create an eclectic look. Brightening up your space with the right fixtures include adding structural conversation pieces that are beautiful and functional. By hiring a HeyBryan Expert electrician you can feel confident that your new light fixtures will be installed correctly.

9. Minimalism fades away

Minimalism is fading fast and rooms that feature carefully curated clutter such as a mix of accessories and different furniture styles add to the desire for rooms to have warm personality over cool perfectionism.

10. Mixed metals

The gleam of metals add sparkle to a room however there’s no need to choose only gold, silver or bronze. Mixing all three is now a trend whether it’s with accessories, art, hardware or lighting.

Overall, the interior design trends for 2019 are more relaxed, raw, rough-hewn and rubbed with age. Past generations are informing and inspiring a lot of the new trends that are coming back to life in a modern way.

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