DIY tips on how to fix that annoying squeaky floor or door

A squeaky floor or door can be annoying – especially if you’re self-isolating for long periods of time! Well guess what, you can fix those nasty creeks and squeaks yourself. To stop the noise, it’s important to try to identify exactly where the squeak is coming from and then apply various, usually minor, repairs depending on the cause.

Here are a few DIY tips to fix a squeaky floor or door

How to fix a squeaky floor

Repair from above: If the noise seems to be on the surface of your floor it may be caused by loose hardwood planks. Try pouring talcum powder into the gaps to stop the noisy friction. Use a paint brush or plastic card to get as much powder into the grooves as possible. Reapply after washing the floors if the squeak returns.

If it’s more obvious that wooden boards are loose, hammer with long finishing nails that reach the subfloor. Also drive the nail head below the surface with a nail set and fill the hole with wood filler. If you have carpeting, cut a small slit that’s as big as the nail head so it doesn’t pull on the carpet fabric and tear over time.

Book a local handyman if you are scared to DIY.

Repair from below: You may need to get a second person to be above the floor making the squeak, while you’re below the floor trying to pinpoint the location. Squeaks can be caused by wood rubbing against wood (since wood shrinks and swells), ductwork or piping.

Squeaky floors are usually caused when the subfloor separates from the floor joists. The nails may also be squeaking as they loosely slide in and out when a person walks on the area. Try these repair methods:

  • Fill any gaps with a bead of subfloor adhesive. The glue will fill the space and harden.
  • Use screws to tighten and bring the subfloor closer to the joist. 
  • Screw or nail a wooden block against the floor joist and the subfloor to bring them closer together. This will stop them from moving up and down. 
  • Insert a slim wooden shim into a gap and secure it with construction glue. Just be sure the shim doesn’t make the gap bigger.

How to fix a squeaky door

Squeaky doors are usually the result of squeaky hinges. Hinges can get dirt, rust and paint on them and cause noise. Remove the pins and clean them with steel wool. Spray the hinge and pins with WD-40, oil or lithium grease so they operate smoothly and quietly.

If you suspect a hinge pin is bent or warped, try to straighten it out with a hammer, or replace it with a new one.

If you need to fix squeaky floors or doors, book a trusted Fast Task Expert who specializes in handyman services, or flooring or doors to help. Each Expert has been vetted, background checked, and approved by the Fast Task team so you can feel comfortable having an Expert in your home to complete your task safely and efficiently.

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