Tips and tricks to a stress-free move

Moving is inevitable. And whether you’re packing up your bags for the first time or move often, the process can be quite stressful and take its toll on even the best of planners. Fortunately, there are some ways to pack and unpack faster and make the process quick and pain free. Here are a few moving tips and tricks to help you on the big day.

Protecting your furniture

Don’t presume that things won’t break damage while you move, only because you are hiring a reputed and skilled mover. While many experienced movers definitely use caution when moving household objects and furniture, all such movers may not work with extreme care.

Moreover, even the best movers can make mistakes while moving heavy furniture. If you are planning to hire skilled movers for your move, be sure to consider all possibilities for valuation cover and insurance. It is the first step in safeguarding furniture while relocating to another place.

Get the right tools and equipment

Disassembling is going to be the most time-consuming move, so collect all the right tools before you start to disassemble your furniture. The tools are simple and are available at most home improvement stores. So, visit a store and get all the tools for disassembling your furniture.

Make sure to have all the tools you need to move your furniture as quickly as possible. Renting a dolly with the straps would make carrying heavy furniture simpler.

Disassemble whatever you can

Not all pieces of furniture should be disassembled during movement. However, we strongly recommend doing so before the transfer for the ones that can be disassembled. The pieces of furniture that need disassembling include bed frames, tables, and portable sofas.

If you have kept the original assembly instructions, just use the instructions for guidance on how to disassemble the object. Wrap all pieces into plastic wrap or protective cover and put them inside a branded box of cardboard.

Wrap and protect

The use of bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, or shifting blankets is one of the easiest ways to wrap furniture. Bubble wrap is perfect when it comes to protecting fragile pieces of wood and plastic wrap or plastic sofa coverings protect upholstered objects. Even the bubble wrap is suitable to cover glass tabletops and mirrors. We suggest that you type a giant “X” on the object, so it is less likely to break if the wrap rips. Sometimes corners get scratched when wrapping glass, a mirror, or a frame, so cover the edges carefully for extra protection.

Furniture gliders

Do you have hardwood or timber flooring in your house? Place the gliders, towels, or cardboards under the furniture while moving it withing the house. It prevents damaging the floor and furniture as they pass around the house. It is especially important if you can’t lift the objects and need to roll them across the floor instead. Using this protective stuff protects not only the flooring but also the base of the furniture and the protective wraps from damage.

Clear pathways and doorways

By clearing the gateways and entrances of all clusters, you will make your furniture secure in and out of your home. Open the doors with a doorstop as tightly as possible and keep them open all the way. This makes it easy to move furniture inside and outside the home and prevents movement of the furniture from hitting the walls and corners.

Place it correctly in the truck

It is essential to place the furniture correctly in the truck. Select the heaviest (but not the most delicate) boxes to create a wall at your rear end. Move the items like desks and dressing tables for holding the wall in the place. Next, position your mattresses and place the upholstered furniture in the last.

Using blankets or cardboards between the items can ensure that your products are packed tightly. A placement plan for furniture in your new house is also important to reduce your movement as soon as you settle down.

Clean the furniture after unpacking

The furniture attracts a lot of dirt and dust during packing and transportation. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean these items before using them in your new house. When you come to the new home with furniture, wash it off with the right cleaning supplies.

However, if you have most of the wooden items, it is not suitable to wash them as the water may cause swelling and damage to the furniture.

Final words

If you need help with your move, remember you can always book a HeyBryan moving expert for help. Each expert has been vetted and approved by the HeyBryan team.

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