Three tricks to clean places that are hard to reach

Just because a place is hard to reach doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it!

For example, when is the last time you cleaned off your ceiling fans? 

Here are three tips to make those tough spots a little easier to tidy. 

1. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans collect incredible amounts of dust and grime. 

If you haven’t cleaned yours in a while, chances are you’ll get hit with a cloud of dust when you try to wipe them down. 

Instead, use an old pillow case! By enclosing the fan blade in the pillow case, you’ll catch all that dust. Then you can go back with a rag or an extendable duster to get the rest. 

2. Garbage Disposal

There are a few key steps to cleaning out your garbage disposal. 

First, run cold water and turn the disposal on for 10-15 seconds. Then, put some citrus peels through to freshen up the smell!

It’s important that you don’t put yourself in danger when cleaning your garbage disposal. As The Spruce said, “NEVER place your hand or a scrubbing brush down into the disposal unless the electricity has been turned off–not just the switch–on the electrical breaker. At that point, you can use a stiff scrubbing brush and baking soda to give the interior a good cleaning.”

3. The Blinds

Cleaning off blinds is the definition of tedious. 

Start by closing them – all the way if they don’t overlap or almost all the way if they do. 

Then, use microfiber to clean them off from the top to the bottom. 

If you really want to save some time, there are special blind cleaners on the market designed to clean three slats at once!


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