Three things you can do for your lawn this winter

Lately, there have been some rainy winter days that might have your lawn looking muddy and messy. 

There’s not much you can do about that this season, but there are a few other options if you want to prepare for spring!

Here are three things you can do for your lawn this winter. 

1. Clean up debris

Leaving leaves, branches, or anything else on top of your lawn in the winter is not a good idea. 

As The Spruce said, “These things can smother the grass, create disease conditions, and invite insects, mice, and other damaging pests.”

Luckily, this one is easy! Take a few minutes to do a quick sweep and clean up. 

2. Make sure your mower is winterized

It’s not as simple as just parking it in the garage!

Start by removing the battery and cleaning up the mower. 

Then, start thinking about the gas! Briggs & Stratton said, “Gas begins to degrade in as little as 30 days which can lead to your engine’s fuel system clogging and your equipment not starting the following growing season.” Use a fuel stabilizer instead. 

3. Use the sidewalk

Don’t walk over the same patch of grass too much or it might not grow back well. 

The Spruce said, “Under snow cover or exposed to the elements, dormant grass will tolerate a moderate amount of traffic, but a heavily worn path will be slower to green up in the spring and cause compaction.”

So stick to the official paths instead of taking shortcuts across the grass! 

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