Three things that should be on your annual home maintenance checklist

What’s the best way to make sure all your home maintenance gets done this year?

A checklist!

Home maintenance checklists can keep you organized and on track. 

Here are three things that should definitely be on your annual checklist.

1. Inspect your roof

Doing a thorough inspection of your roof every year is good for longevity and safety. 

Look for missing shingles, loose shingles, leaks, and damage. Houselogic said, “If you find piles of colored grit from asphalt roof tiles in the gutters, that’s a bad sign — those sand-like granules cover the surface of roof shingles and shield them from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.”

If you don’t feel that you can safely inspect your roof well, call in a professional!

2. Clean the refrigerator condenser coils

This one is easy to forget, so put it on the list!

Hair and grime can get caught in the coils which can actually cause your refrigerator to become less efficient. 

The Washington Post said, “You can do this yourself by unplugging the refrigerator, removing the grill protecting the coils and gently using the hose from a vacuum cleaner to suck out dust particles and debris. Make sure to wear a dust mask.”

3. Clean the exhaust fans in your bathroom

Be honest, have you ever cleaned the exhaust fans in your bathroom?

This is actually very important and should be done at least once a year. 

The Washington Post said, “Bathroom exhaust fans help eliminate odors and remove moisture that would otherwise land on surfaces and turn into mold; however, a fan can’t operate properly if its cover is dirty.”

Soap and water will do the trick!


Add these three chores to your annual checklist and you’re off to a good start!

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