Three home projects your house will thank you for

Regular maintenance and updates are great ways to keep your house looking and functioning well in the long run for less.
Certain projects are especially helpful as you look forward to the future!
Here are three home projects to get you started.
1. Screening in a deck
Creating a screened in outdoor space increases the functionality of the space and the value of your home.
The Longview News-Journal said, “Screened porches with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors are popular as well as porch/deck hybrids that can be designed to feature built-in kitchens, fireplaces and seating.”
Get creative with it!
2. Check the plumbing
If a plumbing problem goes unnoticed it can cause big and expensive issues in the future.
Regularly checking and maintaining the plumbing on your home is essential!
The Fairfax Times said, “Periodically inspect the pipes under your kitchen and bathroom sinks for leaks. Also, if there’s a bathroom in your home that’s seldom used, turn the faucets on and off, and flush the toilet once a week to ensure water continues flowing through the pipes properly.”
If you have any concerns get them looked at immediately.
3. Clean the ducts
With winter approaching soon, now is the perfect time to clean those ducts.
As NBC News said, “Think about the dust and allergens that have been collecting in those air ducts during the months they haven’t been in use.”
Yuck! A good clean will be good for your allergies and the ducts themselves.
Your home and your wallet will thank you!

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