Three final home maintenance tips before winter

Winter is coming fast, have you finished all your home maintenance for fall? 

Here are three final things you should do before winter really arrives. 

1: Check your smoke detectors

Fires can still happen in the winter!

Late fall is the perfect time to go through and make sure the batteries are still good. 

You also need to check the age. The Ada News said, “Look on the back of each smoke alarm in your house to locate the date of manufacture. Replace any smoke alarms that are out of date. Smoke alarms less than 10 years old can remain in service, though you might want to make note of when those will need to be replaced.”

2. Double check the fireplace

On the topic of fire, make sure your fireplace is in good, working order. 

Family Handyman said, “Before the temperature starts to fall, there are several things you can do to make sure your wood-burning fireplace is safe and efficient. The National Fire Protection Association recommends chimneys be swept at least once a year, at the beginning of winter, to remove soot and debris.”

3. Fix driveway cracks

Fixing cracks in your driveway before the winter hits could actually save you some work in the future. 

House Beautiful said, “When water gets into cracks it freezes, expands, and can make the crack even bigger. Enough small cracks can turn into big cracks, and eventually the concrete can crumble.”

If there’s anything else on your fall list that you haven’t gotten done yet, a HeyBryan professional can help!

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