This summer’s top patio trends

Patio season is upon us, and, while it is always a pleasure to sit outside a restaurant and enjoy some al fresco dining, it is also the perfect time of time of year to create a great patio of your own for entertaining at home.

Not only is this a great way of upscaling your garden but imagine the money you’ll save by having great place to relax, have fun and entertain family and friends in your own backyard.

If you are interested in creating your own patio paradise, why not book a HeyBryan home services Expert to help realise your dream! Our Experts are approved by the Bryan Baeumler team for their skills and experience and will be able to assist you fully on building a brand-new patio or renovating and furnishing an existing one.

Whatever your budget, whatever your style, there’s a patio to suit. To help in deciding how you’d like to design your space, here are our top five outdoor patio trends for this summer.

Pave the way

Choose individual pavers to create a quaint cobblestone look that can be customized with unique patterns. Other benefits are that even if they shift due to winter snow, ice and rain, they can be re-set perfectly again.

Be sure to hire an Expert that prepares the groundwork correctly to stop weeds from growing in between the pavers as that’s one of the main drawbacks of paving stones.

If you prefer a solid surface so you’re never bothered by weeds or moss, choose concrete, patterned concrete or aggregate. There’s also coloured concrete from sandy beach tones to all shades of grey. Patterned concrete also has a range of patterns for every taste.

Hire a HeyBryan Expert who specializes in the patio material of your choice to be sure it’s laid or poured properly, and the work is guaranteed.

Bright furnishings liven up your space

While furnishings in neutral tones such as brown, beige, grey and black are all safe, timeless choices, the most current trend is to add bright pops of colour with cushions, pillows and blankets to liven up the look. If colours such as red, blue and green are too strong of your style, consider lighter shades such as salmon, aquamarine and sage instead.

Carpets and rugs have also come outdoors to add warmth underfoot, and there’s a pattern, colour and texture for every decor style.

Mixing materials is another new trend to create an eclectic look such as having wicker furnishings accessorized by wrought iron planters and lanterns. Or blending wood furniture with accessories made of metal or cast iron.

Match style with functionality to maximise your space

Furnishings that double-duty are good choices especially if space is limited. For example, you may want to choose a coffee table that opens up like a chest to store items such as blankets in. Some may also be insulated to keep drinks cold.

Instead of having separate loungers, choose a double lounger that’s more like a day bed for afternoon naps. Benches can double up as casual seating around a fire pit or be used at the dining table when a meal is being served.

If you’re buying new items from a store but don’t have the right vehicle to bring them home, book a HeyBryan Expert who does Pickup and Delivery services to get it for you, and place it exactly where you want it. If it needs to be assembled, there are HeyBryan Assembly Experts who do that too.

Add warmth

Fire pits have evolved from simple wrought iron bowls for a wood fire, to gas options with modern glass and polished pebbles. Full upright fireplaces with enormous mantels are also popular if you have the space.

No matter what your choice, the fire is likely going to be the focus of the entire space so design around it.

Heat lamps are also popular choices to keep you warm outside from early spring to late fall so they can extend your enjoyment of the season by many more weeks.

Light up your life

Visit our 10 top trends in outdoor lighting trends blog for many more lighting ideas.

Further blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, outdoor patio lighting options range from practical lanterns defining the perimeter of your patio for safety, to moveable battery-operated floor lamps and fancy chandelier-like pendants which add ambience and enhance the style.

If you need an electrician to help you create your patio, book a HeyBryan Expert who is licensed. Or if your electrical outlets are already in place and you just need the lighting mounted, book someone who offers Handyman services.

Booking HeyBryan Experts frees up your day so you can do other things — like planning the patio parties you’ll enjoy hosting.

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