18 tips and hacks to springtime home maintenance – 2021

With the days getting longer and the temperature rising, spring is the perfect time of year to get outside and tackle those yard and home maintenance projects – both large and small. You can look for damage caused by winter weather, power clean your property and prep your yard for gardening and fun summer BBQs.

Our advice? Use this guide to make your own checklist, determine what you are willing and able to do yourself, and for all other repairs or small home maintenance projects, find a local handyman services expert to help you out.

1 – Visual inspection of your home’s exterior

As the spring season begins, homeowners should conduct a visual inspection of the exterior areas of their house. It means homeowners should check their roof for any signs of damage and also examine their chimneys. Check the exterior door and windows and also the walls for any signs of cracks. It is also essential to check the paint on the exterior walls, doors, and windows to know which areas need repainting and repairs.

2 – Check your roof

Every homeowner should check their roof after the winter as cold temperatures can lead to cracks in the shingles. Moreover, frost and snow can cause damage to the roof, especially the wooden shingles. Regardless of the type and material of the roof, homeowners should check them for any signs of damage, so that they can be repaired at the right time. If there are any signs of damage to the roof, it’s time to fix them or replace the shingles.

3 – Clean the gutters

It is essential to clean the gutters every few months so that they never get blocked. Also, in the spring, when you are ready to check your entire home, it is best to check the gutters for any debris or blockages. You can use a garden hose or a pressure washer to clean your gutter off the debris. This will ensure that your gutters are clean, and the water will flow easily through them.

4 – Check outdoor cameras and security equipment

Most homes these days have some type of safety equipment, and this is the best time to check it. Check the smoke alarms, surveillance cameras locks, and any other safety equipment you have in your house. Conduct visual inspection and also check whether every device is working properly or not. If there are some devices that are clogged with dust, it is time to clean them. Also, if there is any equipment not working correctly, you should get it repaired by a professional.

5 – Check for mold and pests

Molds and pests usually appear in the spring season. Homeowners should check for any signs of damage due to pests and molds. Usually, molds appear in the form of black or green spots. Pests can also cause severe damage to the walls, doors, and Windows. If you see any science of pests and modes, you need to call a professional to address the issue.

6 – Check your air conditioner

Spring is the best time to see if your air conditioner is working properly. As they have not been used in the entire winter season, their filters might be clogged due to dust and dirt. This is the best time to get your air conditioner serviced. If you can clean them yourself, you can save money on the service of your air conditioner. If not, might be safer to book an HVAC person.

7 – Check doors and windows

Check for any signs of damage in the doors and windows and also for leaks from where the air can escape.  Any gaps or leaks in them can reduce the energy efficiency of your home. You can close the gaps to improve the energy efficiency of your house.

Screen doors and windows are designed to allow the flow of air and keep the bugs away. The screen doors and windows can do their job only if they have no holes or tears. Is it is necessary to set up the screens for the summer months ahead, you need to check them and fix any holes and tears even if they are very small. The screen repair kids are available at hardware and home improvement stores.

8 – Clean your yard and garden

Spring is the season of flowers and growth and is the best time to clean your garden. Trim the grass in your lawn, and remove the leaves from your garden. You can also plant seasonal flowers to add colour to your garden. Check your shrubs and trees for any signs of pest infection.

Also, clean the pathways and repair the stones and payments if required. Plants and shrubs need more water in the summer season, and spring is the best time to check your irrigation system as there are no chances of frost.  Moreover, it is also essential to pull out the weeds to improve the growth of your plants. Adding compost and mulch also helps the plants and shrubs grow better.

9 – Spring clean

Cleaning the house is a big talk if you take into consideration both interiors and exteriors. It is best to clean the interiors, including walls, floors doors Windows, ceiling, and furniture, including kitchen cabinets. On the exterior, you can wash the walls with a garden hose or pressure washer for a thorough cleaning. If there are any signs of damage on the walls, you can use the Plaster of Paris to fix them. Also, check the working of electrical fixtures and other accessories and repair them if required.

10 – Check all exterior and interior lights

You can check the interior and exterior lights of your house and replace the ones that do not work properly. Check for the loose connections and replace the bulbs and tube lights that do not work. It is best to call a professional electrician to check the wiring of a house and perform the necessary repairs if required.

11 – Reseal exterior woodwork

There are many things made of wood in the exterior of a house like wooden decks, railings, fences, pergolas, trellises and other structures. All these wood structures last longer if homeowners stain and reseal them every two to three years. Now in the spring as you are ready for maintenance, you can make the necessary repairs for the woodworks.

12 – Check for cracks in driveway and pathways

Most homes have driveways and pathways in their exteriors that also need maintenance. They are usually made of concrete, asphalt and other hard materials. These materials are damaged by harsh weather conditions like snow and rainwater. Look for damages pathways and driveways and repair the holes or cracks as required to maintain them in good condition.

13 – Check for damages in your irrigation system

The irrigation systems in your garden also needs maintenance. As the irrigation systems or less frequently used in winter, they are prone to get clogged. Check for the clogged and damaged sprinklers and sprinkler heads. Adjust the sprinkler heads that spray on the house, especially on the windows. Adjust the heads that spray on the street and sidewalks.

14 – Chimneys

If you have a Chimney in your house as most people have in their kitchen, you need to check it. Sometimes due to too humid air and moisture vegetation grows out of the Chimneys. Check for any calcium like deposit which indicates that your Kidneys are absorbing water rather than repelling it. In such cases, your chimneys may need resealing that you can do yourself or get it done by a professional.

15 – Attics

If you have attics in your home, check them for any signs of insects and pests. Also, search for any signs of mould that are black or grey stains on a surface. If there are signs of test for mould, you need to apply the relevant chemicals to remove them that you can obtain from a home improvement store. It is best to call a professional to deal with the situation as these chemicals are harmful to humans.

16 – Basements

Not all but some homes have a basement that homeowners used as a storage space. As they don’t receive sunlight, and due to inadequate ventilation, these areas are prone to moisture and dampness. If there are signs of moisture in the walls that need to be fixed. If there are no ventilators in the basement, you should install them to ensure proper ventilation.

17 – Kitchen and bathroom accessories

This season is a good time to test for clogged drains and leaky faucets. Check the connections on pipes are correctly sealed under the kitchen and bathroom sink and look for any dampness around the dish washer that could signify a problem.

18 – Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans

The exhaust fans help you to expel the smoke and odour from your home. If there is any weird sound from the exhaust fans, you need to get them checked and repaired. The exhaust fans attract a lot of dust and bacteria. So, they need cleaning regularly, and if you have not cleaned them for months, you should clean them this time.

Final words

Remember, spring is the ultimate time to create your outdoor (and indoor) home maintenance checklist and start checking things off it! Determine what you are willing and able to DIY, and for all other repairs or small home maintenance projects, find a local handyman services expert with Fast Task to help you out.

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