The newest trends to brighten your kitchen in 2020

Are you looking to brighten your kitchen design in 2020? You need the right home improvement tools and equipment, and you should be familiar with trendy kitchen renovation ideas.

If you love cooking or trying out new recipes, you must know why your kitchen is important. You spend most of your time there, which means that it needs to be cheerful. Your kitchen space also has to be calm, and that’s why you need to brighten things up. 

So many trends have graced 2020, and so it’s easy to be spoilt of choices. We’re here to help you do updates that will enable your kitchen to remain trendy even after 2020. Luckily, that’s possible with these trendy ideas:

Colourful cabinetry

Your kitchen deserves a cheerful theme, and there’s nothing more cheerful than colourful cabinets. They also give your space an expansive look, which makes the idea perfect for small kitchens. 

Depending on your walls and floor, you can go for colourful shades like red, gold, deep blue, or green. We are seeing some homeowners going for three or more colour combinations to make the kitchen bright.

All white interior

Painting your walls white and picking white tiles is a smart approach for opening up a small kitchen. We are seeing homeowners going to the extent of adding white cabinetry and shelves to have an all-white modern touch. 

So, if you are looking to give your kitchen space a warm and cozy appeal, all-white kitchen paint is the way to go. The design also gives the impression of a super-clean kitchen and makes up for having fewer windows and light fixtures. 

Add a kitchen mirror

A mirror is another feature that makes a squeezed kitchen look spacious. Traditionally, mirrors have been used to trick the eyes into thinking that a space is expansive and well-lit. So, they are also a great choice when you have fewer windows and bulbs. 

You can station your mirror anywhere in the kitchen provided it can reflect light.

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Double island

The kitchen island allows you to prepare meals, dine as a family, and store dishware. Moreover, it provides your kids with a place to do their homework. 

In 2020, homeowners are not just going for any kitchen island. The one trending is Double Island. It’s known to make a small kitchen appear expansive while giving it a luxurious appeal.

Laddering system

How do pantry cupboards sound? If you have limited kitchen space and you want to open it up, consider ladder cupboards kitchen ideas. The kitchen laddering system makes sense if you want to free space, but that’s not the only reason. 

The ladder itself is an artwork, which makes your kitchen more of a relaxed, family-friendly space. So, it’s the perfect addition to an open living space.

round brown wooden wall shelf

Handle free cabinets

We are seeing so many people swapping handled cabinets for handle-free options. The latter frees up the kitchen space, making it look more expansive. So, instead of pulling the cabinets, you need to push to open. 

But if you don’t fancy the push-to-open kitchen ideas, then you should go for recessed handles. They also give your cabinet and kitchen a sleek look. And to add an elegant appeal while still brightening your space, you should opt for contrasting colors.

Open shelves

Open shelves are timeless. They work perfectly in the kitchen just as much as they do in the living area. With open shelves, you can display your glassware, antique cookware, and any other decorative piece. 

The idea is to open up and aerate your kitchen space as much as possible. That’s more important if you have bulky kitchen equipment and you want to create some room. You can choose to paint your open shelves white, blue, green, or any other bright color that you prefer. 

white kitchen cupboards and rack with dinnerware arranged on it

You now know what you need to do to brighten your kitchen space. Whether it’s the kitchen flooring, walls, or cabinets that need changing, consider using our ideas to do it. Hopefully, you can drop a comment below on the subject.

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