The latest trends in kid bedrooms

Is there anything more fun than decorating a kid’s bedroom? 

Bedrooms for children are places where there are no rules! Tree house bunk bed? Rainbow walls? The sky is the limit!

Here are a few recent trends and ideas to spruce up the bedroom for your little one. 

Around the World

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Is your kid interested in French? Why not decorate the room like Versailles or Nice? 

Do they like animals? Try the rainforest or the African Savanna!

You could even stick with a broad theme like maps and travel. 


In the past, kid room decorations tended to be over the top and busy. 

That’s not true anymore!

Many parents are sticking with a minimal theme in their house and are blending that style into their kid’s room. 

Black, white, and wood is classic and can stick with your child through the years. Plus, it’s easy to adapt temporarily as their age and interests change. 

Letting them choose

Why not let your kid pick out the colors and decorations? 

If you work together, you might find the perfect balance. House Beautiful said, “And let’s face it, the only way their bedroom will emulate the interior of the Millennium Falcon is if they hit the minor-league lottery. But not all incredible kids’ rooms ideas live outside the realm of possibility. It just takes a balance of childlike imagination with adult practicality and style.”

Their bedroom is their space. If the walls clash and there are llamas on the comforter – who cares? It will be a fun project they can help with to redecorate their room how they want it. 

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