The best wood decor DIY projects

Whether you have woodworking experience or you’re just starting out, DIY decorations made from wood can be a fun and stylish addition to your home!

We have three wood-based DIY ideas for you to try your hand at. 

Idea #1 – Coasters

Wood coasters fit perfectly in a rustic or farmhouse style home. They can even look great in a modern home with natural elements!

These can be simple, round, and natural with the bark still on if you like a rustic look. All you really need is a saw, a thick branch, and a stain or varnish. 

If you’re feeling more ambitious or you want them more modern, try these square ones!

Idea #2 – Wall Art

There are a lot of wall art options that can be made with wood. 

DIY Everywhere said, “Draw a picture of a geometrically striking leaf as shown, or make a sign with a favorite phrase. You’ll need a wood-burning kit for this craft, but once you own one you’ll likely find plenty of projects that make use of it.”

You could also try any of these designs on Pinterest with small pieces of wood layered together in a pattern. 

Idea #3 – Cupcake Stand

A wooden cupcake stand is perfect for those who like to entertain and looks great as a feature in your kitchen!

The Spruce said, “The three-tiered cupcake stand is simple to make stacking wood slices and plant pots leaving you plenty of time to frost the cupcakes.”


You can’t go wrong with any of these ideas, and there are hundreds more out there! Get creative and make it your own. 

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