Stylish, Fun, and Glamorous Holiday Decor

Are you sick of your old holiday decor?

Red and green is classic, but it can definitely become old and overused. 

If you’re looking for something a little more glam this year, here are two completely opposite ideas! Which one suits you more? 

Go retro

Bright colors and metallic finishes can work extremely well for the holidays – Christmas and the New Year! 

The Daily Herald said, “What’s great about the glam look is that you can have fun decorating with it regardless of how you celebrate the season. Just bear in mind that you’re aiming for Dance Floor rather than North Pole, so forgo any rustic cabins or woodsy red-and-green plaids.”

You can try a pink and purple tree, disco ball ornaments, and lots of bright metallic finishes around the house! Feel the boogie fever!


Are you a fan of Ikea? Scandinavian style can also be glam for the holidays. 

CNBC said, “While the minimalist aesthetic and calming neutrals remain, mixed in are moodier hues, like greens and blues, which gives the whole look a bit of a glam, even drama, for the holidays.”

Incorporate gold, greenery, and rich earthy hues for a quieter, more sophisticated feel. 

Go for it

No matter which style you choose, really go for it! Pick a theme and stick to it if you want that “wow” factor. 

Consistency really is key when trying to create a cohesive holiday theme! If you’re hosting, try working the 1970s or Scandinavian glam into your party. Have fun with it!

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