Smart kitchen devices that are changing the way we cook

Currently, there are over 41 million smart homes across the country. By 2024, this number will have grown to 68.5 million and for very good reasons. By investing in smart devices, homeowners can cut costs, enhance home safety, have more control, and create peace of mind.

When we talk about smart homes, things that usually come to mind are smart locks and security systems. However, with how advanced technology is nowadays, even kitchen gadgets have their respective smart counterparts. In this article, we’ll look at how smart devices are changing the way we cook.

The smart fridge

Refrigerators have come a long way. Although the main function of refrigerators continues to be food preservation, different advancements in technology have allowed modern ones to have highly advanced features. For instance, one of Samsung’s smart fridges notifies homeowners of expiration dates, provides a meal plan based on the available ingredients inside the fridge, lets homeowners sync calendars on the screen and even stream music. This smart fridge even enables users to control other smart home devices, all through voice command.

The smart rice cooker

Since rice is a staple across many different cultures, rice cookers are an essential tool for many households. However, there are so many rice cooker models out there, and not all of them are worth the investment. If you are looking for a smart device that lets you cook rice AND other things, invest in this. This smart cooker also moonlights as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and steamer.

The smart sous vide machine

Aside from trying out different diet plans, those who are watching their weight are also looking at different kitchen gadgets that will not only elevate the taste of their food but also make it healthier. This is where sous vide come in. Since this process involves vacuum-sealing food in a carefully pressed bag and immersing food in a water bath kept at a precise texture, home cooks can ensure that no vitamins and minerals are lost during the cooking process; hence, they can opt to use little to no additional salt or fat to enhance flavour.

Sous vide machines are available in different price ranges, but the wide array of choices and brands ensure that there is one out there perfect for your budget. For instance, for only $199, you can already have a sous vide machine that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing you set, change and monitor what you are cooking even if you are in a different room inside your home.

By simply having a few smart devices your cooking experience can already be dramatically improved and made more convenient. To ensure your smart gadgets function properly, consider hiring experts who can make sure that installations are done right.

About the author

Rosie Jo is an entrepreneur and an aspiring interior designer. For the last three years, she has been self-studying and gaining new knowledge on designing through seminars and workshops. She has been working with professional designers to decorate homes that reflect personality, and function well at the same time.

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