Six solar power ideas for your home

Pssst, did you know that sunshine is free? So, while home utility bills continue to rise, harness the strength of the sun’s energy to help power your home and save money, while also making your home more environmentally friendly.

While the long-term financial benefits of switching to solar power have been well documented, historical data also indicates that these upgrades can also have instant ROI when it comes to the value of your home. For example, If you spend $10,000 on solar equipment installation, your home’s value will increase by around the same margin, possibly more if utility rates increase.

To help pay for solar power products and systems, there are also incentives and grants available. For information click here.

To also help you decide, here are HeyBryan’s six super solar power ideas for your home…

Solar paneling is a great way to drive down your energy bills…

Solar roof shingles

If you need a new roof, consider installing solar roof shingles instead. These special shingles are connected to each other and form a power grid that turns sunlight into electricity for a variety of home needs.

Installing them is quite similar to traditional shingles and solar shingles are tougher than you’d think. Some products can withstand snow loads of 250 pounds per square foot, resist hail, and have a Class A fire rating.

Solar home heating

One of the most common and effective solar power systems you can install are solar panels on your roof to capture the sun’s heat. All that’s needed is to have the power system connected to your electrical panel to take care of your home heating needs.

Solar water heating

A domestic solar water heating system uses about 60 per cent less energy than a regular system, while providing to up to 60 per cent of the typical hot water required for a home that’s located in sunny regions. The solar collection tank on your roof is also protected from freezing with antifreeze so it has year-round use, even on cold winter days.

Solar air conditioning

It probably sounds strange to say that power from a hot sun can be used to cool your home. However solar air conditioners capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity to power the AC unit. These solar units are also less noisy and more attractive than a regular window air conditioning unit.

Solar pool heater

Solar panels on your roof can also be used heat up your pool. Water circulates through the pump and filter, goes up to the roof where it’s heated and comes back down as hot water for your pool!

Solar lighting

There are a variety of attractive solar light products with which to light the outside of your home, from garden and walkway lanterns, to outdoor dining chandeliers. Make sure to consult a HeyBryan Expert who is skilled in gardening and landscaping, as they will be able to advise you on the best light choices for your external spaces!

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