Simple hacks to keep weeds out of your beautiful garden

Weeding your garden may not seem like the most exciting way to spend your time, but it’s a necessity if you want to have a beautiful, weed-free garden. Weeds consume the water and nutrients needed by your seeded or sod lawn, flowers, vegetables, and other plants in your garden, and they take up space that these plants need to grow. 

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The best thing you can do is to prevent weeds from popping up in the first place. And when you do see them, you can always remove them by pulling them out root-and-all, but there are some other hacks you can try to help prevent and eliminate weeds in your garden. 

Add mulch to your garden and beds

Adding a 2-inch deep layer of organic mulch, such as leaves, pine needles, bark mulch, cedar, or straw, can encourage the ground to retain moisture and prevent new weeds from sprouting. 

Create a newspaper barrier

If you plan to use mulch, begin by placing a few layers of newspaper underneath it. This will create a barrier that will help prevent weeds from emerging. 

Water with a plan

Only water the areas where plants are growing, instead of watering the entire garden area. Moisture in empty soil in between plants can encourage weeds to grow in open spaces and walkways. Using a soaker hose can make it easier to target the base of your plants. 

Mow your grass higher

Taller grass can make it more difficult for weeds to emerge since it chokes them out naturally, so mow your lawn a little higher than you normally would.

Make a spray collar

If you want to use an herbicide but you don’t want to harm your plants, you can cut the ends off of tin cans, old trash cans, or buckets to create cylinders, and place them over the plants you want to protect. This spray collar will prevent overspray from landing on your plants. 

Use cardboard

If you have weeds in the walkways and open spaces in your garden, you can cover them with pieces of cardboard. Most weeds won’t be able to pop through cardboard since it’s so thick. 

Shake on some salt

If you sprinkle salt over your weeds, they will become dehydrated and die out within a few days. Just take care not to get the salt on your vegetables, fruits, grass, or other plants

Boiling water

Boiling water kills plants, so you can pour boiling water directly on any weeds you would like to kill. Just make sure not to get it on your plants. 

Make your own weed killer

You can make your own natural weed-killing spray by adding a teaspoon of dish soap to a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and spraying it directly on the weeds. 

Keeping your garden weed-free takes some effort, but it’s worth it when you see the results. By preventing new weeds from emerging and eliminating existing ones, you can enjoy a beautiful, weed-free garden all season long.

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Kym Preslar is a bit of a gardening and home improvement fanatic. She’s been working on her garden for over 5 years and loves writing about everything landscape-related. Whether it’s keeping care of sod or the greenhouse, she’s been there and done it all. Currently, she’s enjoying her time working at SodLawn as their Content Manager.

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