Outdoor heating you need to stay cozy this winter

Brrr… it might be a gorgeous fall or winter day but enjoying your backyard would be so much nicer if you had outdoor heating to stay cozy in the evening. Extend your outdoor enjoyment with an outdoor fire pit, fireplace, patio heater or heated pavers.

Here’s what you need to know to keep you warm and toasty during the cold winter months.

Wood fire pits and fireplaces

There are so many options for wood-burning firepits on the market that it’s easy to find one to suit your style and budget – from black wrought iron and copper bowls to creamy clay southwestern-style chimineas. 

You can also build an outdoor fireplace made of brick or stone that’s much like an indoor fireplace. However, it needs to be especially strong and sturdy to withstand all types of weather so work with a masonry expert who can also advise on the ideal location.

Book a HeyBryan Expert for help with your outdoor heating projects.

Gas fire pits and fireplaces

A gas fire pit or fireplace means you can have outdoor heating at the flick of a switch. Plus, there’s no need to buy fire logs or kindling. Gas is also a clean, green option for a gorgeous pure flame that’s also better for the environment in terms of air quality.

Or there are also propane gas options where the propane tank sits inside the fire pit unit and operates just like your propane barbecue.

Gas or electric heat lamps

Heat lamps have finally made it from the outdoor patio restaurants where they were often seen, to residential backyards for their affordability, effectiveness and ease of use. There are tall freestanding units, wall-mounted options or tabletop designs to choose from and they’re available in gas, propane or infrared electric.

Heated patio

The technology of heated driveways is moving into the backyard patio and walkway scene to provide a unique source of outdoor heating underfoot. While not a direct heat source, electrical ground heating eliminates any need to shovel snow or chip away at ice. The heating cables are installed under concrete or stone pavers and turn on automatically based on a thermostat and moisture setting.

Safety regulations and insurance

You’ll need to check your local fire regulations about whether a fire or outdoor heating feature is legal in your area. Its exact location and proximity to other structures is another issue to research. 

You may also need a permit if you’re building, excavating or running gas lines. If you’re building a fireplace be sure to hire a professional who will use the right type of bricks or stones because the wrong kind can be harmful. Also contact your home insurance company to see what’s covered if something goes wrong during its installation or ongoing use. 

Should you need any help, book a trusted HeyBryan Expert who specializes in handyman, electrical and gas fitting services for your outdoor heating projects or any other small home-maintenance tasks. Each Expert has been vetted, background checked, and approved by the HeyBryan team so you can feel comfortable having an Expert at your home to complete your task safely and efficiently.

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