Opposites attract: Why you don’t need to choose between modern and vintage

Modern and vintage might seem like polar opposites, but sometimes opposites attract!

It’s not easy to blend these two styles, but when it is done well the results can be unique and jaw-dropping. 

Here are two tips for melding vintage and modern styles in your home. 

Tip 1: Find unique pieces

One thing modern and vintage styles have in common is unique pieces. Take your time and enjoy the process! You’ll end up with a home that is uniquely you. 

Point 2 Homes said, “If your goal is to create a unique and original space, using your vintage pieces in unexpected ways will provide even more impact. A vintage dresser in the bedroom won’t be a big surprise. But if you bring it into the living room to use it as a TV stand with valuable extra storage, you’ve got a conversation starter.”

This is the most fun part – go shopping and be creative!

Tip 2: Be patient

Mixing these two styles together takes a good eye and some patience. 

Especially when it comes to the vintage pieces, don’t rush! Wait until you find the perfect item that complements the modern lines in your home while adding something visually interesting to the space. 

The Spruce said, “If you want to mix modern items with antiques don’t just rush out and buy any items to fit the bill. You want to create a look that appears as though it’s evolved over time.”


When in doubt, look for inspiration online and trust your eye. 

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