New outdoor living and patio ideas for 2021

Most homeowners love outdoor living and spend a ton of time on their patios, decks, and in their gardens. With spring in full bloom (well, in most Canadian cities at least) we thought now would be a great time to share some cool and creative outdoor living and patio ideas for 2021.

Garden rooms

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A garden room is not a new concept, but only a few people make use of it for their garden. There are many ways to make your garden feel like a room where you can relax and spend time. You don’t need to make a room of bricks and mortar as the rooms in your house. 

The garden rooms feel good when made up of wood or metal sheets or glass. The advantage of using a combination of wood and glass or metal and glass is that they offer you an outdoor view of your beautiful plants. Another way to feel the outdoors in, is to have some container plants in your garden room.

Bring in the outdoors

Bringing the outdoors in is another popular trend this year. People are searching online for different ways to make their indoors feel like the beautiful outdoors. To make these ideas a reality, you can have wall to wall doors opening out to your patio. 

A simple way is to put some beautiful flowers or indoor plants in the table and open the patio doors. Homeowners who love plants and have enough space in the outdoors can also create a small greenhouse in their garden and place their favourite plants inside it. 

These can be the greatest ways to blur the boundaries between your indoors and outdoor gardens.

Use mixed materials

Using mixed materials in the outdoors is another popular trend that is gaining popularity this year. You can design a hardscape in your outdoor using multiple materials. For instance, people use various materials like pavers, brick walls, wood, and steel to design a patio. Similarly, you can create a seating space in your garden using wood, steel, and concrete as we use indoors. Hire a local handyman for help with your outdoor projects.

Granny pods

A granny pod is a small house that homeowners build in their backyard to allow the elders to live with them. So, you can also create a granny pod in your garden, not necessarily for your elders, but for spending time with your family. You don’t even need concrete and bricks to build it, but you can make it using steel or aluminum walls. Having a glass door and windows will enable you to enjoy the outdoor beauty of your garden while sitting inside. People also use granny pods to work while enjoying the outdoor view.

Solar lights

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There are a wide range of solar lights available in the markets, as there is a high demand for them. People are looking for solar lights as they save energy and lighten up their outdoors. You can choose to install some fancy solar lanterns or chandeliers in your garden, that can not only light up but beautify your garden in the night. Fancy solar lights like hanging chandeliers are a great patio idea and will also increase the curb appeal of your garden both in the day and night.

Design your walkways

Building pathways using concrete pavers is one of the best ways to enhance the design of your garden while offering a convenient, practical addition to your yard. As homeowners choose to create walkways using patterned pavers and adorn them with flowers and other decorative objects, look for these walkways to become increasingly elaborate and aesthetically pleasing in 2020. 

Deck out your patio

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Homeowners are now beginning to take full advantage of their patio’s space by decking it out. They are decorating the patio decks with TVs, furniture, planting walls, and other things. When you’re building a patio outside your home, make sure to make the most of it by decking it out with creative decoration pieces turning an ordinary patio into an enjoyable space. 

Install a planter wall

Planting planter walls in your garden or patio will provide you with extra room to grow your favourite plants. The planter walls can be an attractive addition to your outdoors. Planter walls are increasing in popularity rapidly and are set to be one of 2020’s bigger trends in outdoor design. You can use the planter wall in almost any outdoor space to create boundaries and also add privacy to an area.

Outdoor kitchen bars

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Another patio ideas that is gaining popularity this year is the outdoor kitchen bar. Homeowners can easily build an outdoor kitchen using wood or aluminum walls. It is very simple to build a kitchen as you can hire professionals to install the walls and a shelf. Then you can place some chairs with wines and glass. Nothing can beat the feeling of enjoying a drink with your spouse or guests in the outdoor kitchen bar. 


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Pergola is not a new concept, but it is still popular where people love to spend time. Homeowners can install a new pergola within a few days, and create a wonderful seating space to spend time. Your family can use the pergola to spend time in the morning and evenings. As pergolas have slits in their walls, it’s great to view your lush green plants while sitting there.

Final words

These are some great patio ideas and popular trends you can use to create a relaxing outdoor space for your family. However, the outdoor spaces feel good when you have a lush green garden. Homeowners need to maintain their garden green throughout the year with adequate watering and care. You can invest in a good quality irrigation equipment to water your plants and maintain a green backyard. Using the ideas in this post can help homeowners to create wonderful outdoor spaces and enhance the value of their homes.

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