New interior decorating styles and trends for 2020

Interior design consists techniques of decorating the interiors of a home to make it visually appealing and comfortable to live in. Interior designers are using a plethora of designs and décor elements to make homes more attractive and enhancing their value. So, let us check some of the best-decorating styles and trends you must try in 2020.

Vintage accents


Vintage accents will be one of the trends in decoration that you cannot simply ignore this year. The vintage accents are so-called because they appear in trends every few years. The trend of these colors never becomes old, and they remain in style throughout the years. Homeowners and designers are now focusing on vintage style details like spooled legs of furniture, antique wall arts, and many other things like that.

However, homeowners should not expect the vintage everywhere in a house as designers recommend only using a vintage style in one or two pieces of the decoration. It is because of the reason that designing an entire house in the vintage style can make it look outdated in the present era.

Floral wallpaper


If you think of floral wallpapers a thing of the past, you need to think again, as they are making a comeback in 2020. Interior designers have been using the floral wallpapers for years and will continue to do so but with modern updates. So, seeing people’s homes decorated with floral wallpapers should not be a surprise for you in 2020. They are nice to use in bathrooms and foyers in the sand. Plus, if you are not ready to replace your existing wallpapers, there are plenty of stick-on options.

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Minimalism is one of the most innovative interiors designing solutions in the present era. It means more use of light shades and an abundance of light in an area. The objective of minimalism is the minimum amount of every element in an area, and every object must carry a function or significance. Minimalism can be an excellent option to use in flats and apartments with low square footage.

You can dilute the primary color and use the bright shades to color some things in the room. For instance, you can paint the bookshelves in a light color as the color of book covers is usually dark. Moreover, you can place light pillows on a dark sofa or ottoman.

Using flowers are also a way to add minimalism as they can add colors and are highly functional to spread fragrance in your interior space.


The trends of 2020 are also not just about color; we are making growing use of texture to add value to the rooms too. A look we love is the layering in the same or very similar colors of different textures. When you’re heavy on neutrals, it’s great, and you need to find different ways to decorate your rooms without using too many colors.

Fat furniture

Curvy forms take form as furniture, too. Upholstered items such as sofas, sofas and occasional chairs are being re-imagined in undulating, and often asymmetrical designs that look influenced by the 1970s decor. In 2020 the current right angle is squared. However, the use of fat furniture is suitable for homes with plenty of room to accommodate them and leaving sufficient space to move around.

Natural kitchen colours

If the 2010s had one defining design trend, it was the all-white kitchen. But by 2020, designers are predicting a shift to spaces that go beyond just white. You can use natural wooden cabinets, islands, and shelves in your kitchen. All these natural materials and elements allow you to maintain a bright and airy atmosphere without limiting yourself to an all-white theme.

Eco-friendly items

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Sustainability has become ever more critical along those lines. As society is shifting towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, people are becoming well aware of the environment than ever before. Their purchasing decisions have an ethical component to them.

This is reflected in an overall sensitivity to design and a desire to use earthy elements in a space. And it’s not shocking that designers are now trying to add as much furniture and accessories to the space as possible, made from natural materials.

Materials most important to this style include clay, bamboo, cotton, linen, wood, stone, etc. They all don’t even require the use of paint colors as natural colors help them create a warm and cozy atmosphere. This interior can be complemented with indoor plants to bring nature into your interiors.


Patterns, particularly layered patterns, are becoming more prevalent in tabletop designs and textiles. The secret to this pattern is that no laws actually exist. You may see more pattern mixing with colour binding patterns of varying origin and size; pattern matching means following the same pattern flows from the wall to upholstered furniture or bedding.

Wallpapered ceilings

Wallpapered ceilings are just another way of integrating contrast into a room. “For wallpaper, there’s no better surface because it won’t get scratched, and the wide expanse of space makes every room truly dramatic. Wallpapering the ceilings is ideal for your living rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms as well. It is also easy to clean a wallpaper than to clean a painted surface.

Bifold doors

Homeowners also prefer using aluminum and glass bifold doors to save space and add comfort to their interiors. The glass bifold doors Newtown can be used in the interior spaces as well as in patios to bring the outdoors inside. They also enable the external light to enter your interiors to keep them warm in winters.

Final words

These were some of the best interior décor ideas to use in 2020. However, it is best to consult a professional interior designer who can come and inspect your home to advise you on the best ideas. Using the interior decoration ideas in this post can help homeowners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home and also its value.

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