Moving out of a rental? Beware of these hidden costs

By: Zoocasa

Moving out of a rental property is an exciting time as it often represents a new beginning. This could include moving into another rental unit or, if you live in the Greater Toronto area, you might be looking into buying one of the various houses in Toronto. Either way, if you are a renter in the process of looking to move on, then before you leave, here are some things to take note of to avoid any unexpected fees.

Cleaning the unit

Leaving behind messes that require the landlord to hire a cleaning service will often cost you. It would be wise to start deep cleaning the house a couple of weeks before your anticipated move-out day… do it yourself or hire a local cleaner to help you out. Either way, walk through each part of the rental unit and take note of what needs cleaning and plan to have them done before you leave. And if you can, use natural cleaning products good for the environment.

Disposing of any items left behind

If you decide that you are going to leave items that may require special services to remove, this will probably also cost you extra on move-out day. Large items such as living room sofas, coffee tables, bedroom dressers, and bed frames are good examples of this. Due to their heavy nature, it is unlikely that your landlord will be able to remove items like these on their own and will therefore require help. To avoid footing the bill on this, think ahead of any large pieces of furniture you may want to leave behind and enlist the help of any friends or family to have it removed before your move-out day. This will not only cut down on costs, but it will also ease the process of moving out.

Fix any damages before you move out

As you look at listings of, for example, Toronto apartments for sale, you may find yourself thoroughly analyzing each picture to ensure you get a clear understanding of what the unit has to offer. As with most people, spotting damage in a potential property is enough to steer them away. When moving out of a rental unit, it is also important to keep this in mind; if you wouldn’t want to move into a run-down apartment, it also makes sense for you not to leave any rental unit without fixing it first. Moving out of a rental unit with damages will likely result in getting charged the amount to repair the damage at the time of your move out, or may be deducted from your security deposit. To prevent incurring this cost, take note of any damages as they occur and intend to get it fixed before moving out.

Take care of any unpaid rent or utility bills

If there are any outstanding bills or rent that you haven’t paid by the time of your move out date, your landlord will likely demand your payment before departure to make sure you are fully paid or take it up with the Landlord and Tenant Board in which you will be ordered to pay the outstanding balance. While sometimes missing a payment is unavoidable, it is strongly advised to make sure you are caught up on all payments before making a decision to leave a rental to prevent complications on your moving plans.

Hire professional movers

Apart from the actual rental property itself, once your unit is cleaned out and all of your belongings are ready to go, the use of professional movers may also be a cost to consider. 

Moving out requires costs beyond the money put towards another home. Before your big day, it is important to consider all costs that may occur and remember to double-check your rental unit before moving out to allow for a smooth move.

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