Mind blowing fall home decluttering tips

Now that you’ll be spending more time inside your home since fall is well underway and winter is imminent, consider these easy fall home decluttering tips. Evaluate what you really need from clothing and sports equipment, to mowers and blowers, to make more space for everyone and have better home organization.

Depending on the item, it can be donated to charity, sold online, given to friends or family, put to the curb – or taken away for you. Take a walkabout around your home and carefully study what can stay and what to kiss goodbye. 

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Make a list of what’s to go where and place notes on it (or use a marker) to identify their destination. That way there’s no confusion if you have someone helping you declutter your home. Some labels or categories to help you declutter can include:

  • Charity
  • Family/friends
  • Curb
  • Sell online
  • City dump

Furniture and decor items

We know it can be painful to give up that super-ugly, but oh-so-comfortable recliner or couch that’s been stored in your basement, but it’s time to let it go if it’s not being used. Ask yourself, what other chairs, dressers, tables, rugs and rickety bookshelves are you thinking you might use some day? Be realistic. Can any of these items be used in a garage or shed for tools or equipment? If not, let them go. Someone else may be delighted to refinish, repair or reupholster them to give them a new life.

Clothing and accessories

When it comes to clothing and accessories, if you haven’t worn the item in two years, you likely don’t need it. Discard of any old t-shirts, sweaters (or any other clothing) that has earned its fair share of holes and stains over the years. 

For those clothing items that are lightly used, the fall and winter season is a great time to donate clothing to charity – especially winter coats and boots. Make sure they’re clean and in good shape. They can be put in charity bins (usually located in parking lots of shopping malls and gas stations) or make arrangements for charity pickup and delivery. And don’t forget to empty pockets, purses and bags before you pack them up.

Housewares and household equipment

Go through your kitchen cupboards and study whether you really need all the Tupperware or have lost the lids anyway. Do you also have an army of small appliances that you never use – bread makers, juicers, rice cookers, crockpots, portable grill, coffee machines and kettles that are gathering dust? Give them to someone who needs them.

The same goes for old tech – there’s electronic recycling depots, as well as proper disposal methods for your lawnmower, weed trimmer, shovels, rakes and all the stuff that’s in your garage, shed or storage locker that doesn’t work, or you don’t use anymore.

Sports equipment

When was the last time you used that racquetball racket? Did you really think you’d enjoy kayaking (or surfing, or rollerblading, or waterskiing) that much? Pass the fun along to someone else who can enjoy the sport now that you’re ‘over’ it. 

Word of caution though for some items – your old baseball glove, skateboard or ballet slippers might be items to keep in a treasure chest for future generations who’ll appreciate your old school, vintage style as part of an heirloom collection. 

Although you may have fond memories and good times attached to many of these things, consider taking a photo of it instead. That might be all you need to part ways.

Also, if the item isn’t personally yours, be sure to check with who it belongs to, to make sure they’re alright with it being taken away. 

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