Meet The Team – Sam, Creative Director

Meet Sam, our talented Creative Director at HeyBryan!  Starting out over 9 years ago in graphic design, Sam’s journey has allowed him to work with mega brands such as Telus, PlayStation, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Yoplait and Unilever, just to name a few.  He has led and inspired creative teams to push visual boundaries to achieve outstanding and impactful results. Sam joined the HB team last September as he was drawn by ‘the opportunity to take a beautifully simple concept and create something truly unique from the ground up.’ We can’t be happier to have Sam on the HB team!

A little more about Sam…

What’s a home/DIY crisis that you have experienced?

Renovating an apartment back in the UK was a comedy of errors and a real eye-opener for how difficult it can be. Changing the cupboards in a kitchen lead to gas work, flooring changes and even a fake wall built to accommodate all the weird angles…Having HeyBryan handy back then could have certainly helped!

What’s your favourite restaurant around Gastown in Vancouver?

So many to choose from. Van does food well. Has to be Nuba in Gastown and Anna Lena for Vancouver overall.

What’s a strange pet peeve or idiosyncrasy you have?

I think I might be allergic to buzzwords.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I aim to visit one new country a year, and slowly ticking off the wonders of the world. Travel will always be my favourite thing; experiencing different cultures and places provides an infinite source of inspiration.

Sam may not wear Chucks, but we like his footwear choices all the same…

We currently have open roles on our Creative team!

If you are an experienced UX/UI Designer or a Copywriter, we’d love to hear from you, bonus points for chuck wearing, down-to-earth and highly motivated creative mindsets! Check out current roles here!

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