7 gorgeous gate ideas for your yard or property

Give your front or backyard a great gate that’s both welcoming and gorgeous to look at. Here are a few inspiring gate ideas and tips – and professional help to build and install them if need be. 

Gate design ideas

Social channels such as Pinterest and Instagram are great places to look for gate design ideas. These apps are such highly visual platforms. Search Gates or Gate Design and you’ll see thousands of creative applications.

Here are a 7 we really like:

Source: thegardenglove.com
Source: owntheyard.com
Source: thegardenglove.com
Source: landscapingnetwork.com
Source: thegardenglove.com
Source: bobvila.com
Source: renoguide.com

Gate materials

There are plenty of choices for materials, however, the three most popular options are wood, metal (such as wrought iron or chain link), and PVC vinyl. These are all weather-resistant so should last for years if well installed and maintained.

Wood is the most popular because it’s affordable and provides great privacy and sturdiness. But wood requires some maintenance since it can warp from strong winds over time. Choose cedar or pressure-treated wood for the best durability and if you want it painted a colour, be sure to use a high-quality exterior paint that won’t peel. When designing with wood, mount boards in horizontal, vertical or a diagonal design for added interest.

For a rustic wood look, use natural materials such as thick pieces of driftwood or sturdy branches set inside a wood frame.

Wrought iron has a beautiful upscale look but is less private since it’s made of rods. If you need privacy decorate it with simulated ivy. 

Chain link is an affordable metal option and you can choose colours from silver to black. It’s highly durable since it’s galvanized and if you need privacy, thread coloured plastic strips between the links.

PVC vinyl is a relatively new kid on the block and requires little maintenance. It’s easy to clean with detergent and water. Choose from a range of PVC colours from white to brown that don’t fade. While the upfront cost of PVC is relatively high, it may be worth it for its long-lasting durability.

And don’t forget that you can mix materials to add character such as building a wooden gate and including a wrought iron motif as a decorative inset.

Gate hardware

Decide whether you want your gate to stay open or have it swing close automatically. A HeyBryan Handyman Expert is most qualified to get a gate to close perfectly because adjusting the right spring tension and ensuring the latches lines up perfectly is challenging.

Gate hardware needs to be strong since gates get a lot of traffic. The hinges and springs should be sturdy, and the handle needs to be easy to use and work well with the latch.

Gate maintenance

Over time, due to weather and wear and tear, your gate will need some TLC. Harsh weather and winds can loosen the hardware and make the posts or framework shift. The gate won’t close properly if the alignment is off so it will likely need to be repaired.

Book a HeyBryan Expert who specializes in decks, fences, carpentry or handyman services, and a painter if you want your gate to be a particular colour. Gates can be tricky to ensure they open and close properly, but Experts are experienced and will do it right. They’ve been vetted by the Bryan Baeumler team and are also covered by insurance.

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