Keeping your dryer safe and lint-free

Excess lint is a major fire hazard when it comes to dryers. 

To ensure your safety, it’s important to keep your dryer clean and functioning well!

Here are two things you can do to maintain your clothes dryer and your peace of mind. 

Clean it right

Cleaning out the lint trap should be done every single time you start a load of laundry. 

In addition, the vents should be cleaned out at least once every year. 

Make sure everything is turned off and unplugged, then move the dryer and disconnect the duct. Vaccuum thoroughly. Consumer Reports said, “While you’re at it, clean behind the dryer and underneath it—lint builds up there, too.”

Know the warning signs

Knowing what to look for makes a huge difference.

For example, during the winter your dryer vent can get blocked by snow. Know where your vent leads to and inspect it often, especially while the dryer is running to make sure you can see that it is clear and working. 

If clothes aren’t drying as well as usual – get it checked out. This is one of the first signs that something is wrong with your dryer so don’t ignore that! The Burlington Free Press said, “Have your dryer cleaned regularly by a professional, especially if it is taking longer for clothes to dry.”


If you have any questions or doubts, one of our professionals can help you verify if your dryer is safe, clean, and functioning properly. 

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