Inspecting your home for winter damage

Winter can cause a large amount of damage to the exterior of your home, so when the weather cheers up, it’s time to turn into Sherlock “Homes” and inspect what repairs need to be made.

You can take a look around the house yourself for signs of winter wear and tear, or hire a HeyBryan Home-Services Expert who’ll save you time and money since  they’ll know what to look for and what repairs to recommend.

So that you can be sure you are covering all your bases, here are some of the most common areas that experience winter damage.

Roof and gutters

Your roof takes the brunt of bad weather such as wind, rain and snow. If you have asphalt shingles and see some lying on your lawn, or have tiny black beads of asphalt scattered on your patio or deck, then you know your  roof has taken a beating. They could be loose, curling or going bald, and will need to be replaced to protect the wood structure underneath.

While asphalt shingles are a common roofing material, no matter what type of roof you have, hire a HeyBryan Expert to go up and inspect the damage properly.

Climbing a ladder and walking around on a roof is dangerous and should only be done by a roofing, chimney or gutter cleaning Expert who has the right safety gear and equipment. Also consult with your home insurance advisor since roof damage may be covered.

Foundation cracks

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home looking for foundation cracks, particularly near downspouts and windows. If water and melting snow wasn’t directed away from your foundation, you could have cracks that continue below ground and need filling outside and inside. Water stains on your basement walls and floor will also point to foundation cracks. Contact a HeyBryan waterproofing Expert to give you an estimate of the repair.


Paint can peel or flake off due to wind and water damage. Refinish the surfaces by sanding, priming and repainting it as soon as possible to avoid deeper damage such as rotting wood or rusting metal. Buy the best exterior paint you can afford and, since exterior painting usually involves being on a tall ladder, contact a HyBryan painting Expert.

Outdoor pipes

Any exposed pipes and hoses, such as those for a gas barbecue hookup or air conditioning, should be inspected to ensure that the connections are strong and tight. An HVAC or licensed gas fitter can help you if there’s damage.

Driveway, walkways and steps

Check your driveway for cracks and holes, and repair, fill and re-seal the damaged areas. Walkways made of paving stones can lift and shift, so they’ll need to be re-set with new gravel to make them level.

Stone, concrete and wooden steps can crack and shift due to heavy ice, but also as a result of any ice-melting products you used during the winter such as salt. Clear away loose and crumbling stones, and secure or replace rickety wooden steps or boards to eliminate tripping hazards.

Decks, porches and fencing

Wooden decks, porches and fencing may have loose boards, bannisters and pillars that are weakened, so check the sturdiness and strength of these structures.

Landscape damage

Did your trees and bushes survive the wind and ice storms? Check trees for broken branches and remove them to avoid further damage, particularly if the tree is close to your house, deck, shed or other structures.

Contact a HeyBryan home services Experts to help you detect and repair winter damage problems before they get bigger. Depending on what needs to be fixed, there’s a HeyBryan Expert who specializes in all types of home services work so you’ll know it’s done by a professional.

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