How to use three common home tools

Have you ever used a pressure washer? What about unclogging a drain with a snake?

Anyone can use these tools with a little knowledge and practice!

Here are three tools commonly used by homeowners and how to use them. 

1. Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a fantastic tool for getting things really clean. 

Unfortunately, sometimes paint or other materials can be ruined if the pressure washer is turned up too high. 

Country Living recommends, “Test it out while on the lowest pressure setting possible, and if you’re cleaning wood siding, be sure to move in the direction of the wood grain.”

2. Sewer Drain Snake

If your sink is clogged you might need to use a drain snake. Similarly, if you have an issue with the main line of your sewer you might need a sewer drain snake. 

Once you properly get it in position The Spruce said, “Make sure the machine is switched to the forward position and turn it on. Slowly feed the cable into the drain while holding it steady. Be ready to back the machine off quickly in case you hit a tough clog that can cause the cable to kink.”

This is a tough task so don’t be afraid to call a professional to handle it. 

3. Snowblower

Winter is on its way! That means it is time to break out the snow blower. 

This might seem like a tool that you just need common sense for, but there are actually ways to incorrectly use a snowblower. 

Consumer Reports said, “Using a snow blower the wrong way can be infuriating and dangerous: You can easily heap snow onto a path you’ve already cleared, or fling a rock or other debris through a window or toward a bystander.”

Always follow the directions closely and look over your driveway before you begin. 


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