How to use the HeyBryan app

HeyBryan is the app that connects Home-Service Experts like you, with local residents who need jobs done around the house. With HeyBryan, you set your own rates, work when and where you want, and get paid fast. HeyBryan is designed so everything can be managed within the convenience of a mobile app. From accepting a job to submitting your invoice, here is exactly how to complete a task through HeyBryan.

Here’s how it works.

Review the task request

When you are selected to complete a task, you will receive a notification from the app. Here you can review all the details of the task such as the size, type of request, date and time of request, and any additional information the customer has provided.

Chat with customer

We HIGHLY recommend that you use the chat feature to ask questions and clarify job requirements with the homeowner before you decide whether or not to accept the task. To use the chat feature you simply tap the “Chat” button and you can communicate directly with the homeowner.

Accept a task

Once you are comfortable committing to the task, tap the “Accept” button, and your new customer will be notified that you’ve accepted. The task will then appear in your HeyBryan calendar as an upcoming task. Even after you have accepted the task, use the chat feature to confirm additional information to ensure everyone is on the same page. All chat discussions are recorded to give you peace-of-mind in case of a misunderstanding.

Decline a task

If you decide that a task isn’t right for you, or that you are unable to make it work in your schedule, tap the “Decline” button, and the customer will be notified that they will have to select a different Expert to complete their task. Note that if you decline too many task requests, your good standing on HeyBryan could be affected.

Work when you want

The HeyBryan app also has a handy calendar feature that shows you all the tasks you have completed, are upcoming, or requested and waiting for you to accept. Simply click on the calendar icon located at the bottom of the app to access this as anytime. 

Complete task

Once you have finished the job, it is time to complete the task and submit your invoice. There are a few steps to finalizing this processes so you can get paid fast:

  • Complete task: First, go to the HeyBryan app and open up the task you want to complete. Tap the “Complete Task” button at the bottom of the app. This will take you to the task summary.
  • Review and rate your task experience: Not only can your customer review their experience, you can too. Within the task summary you have the opportunity to give your customer a rating out of 5 stars, as well as a brief review. Giving an honest review of your customer helps future Experts when requested to complete a task for this customer.
  • Add additional expenses: Also within your task summary, you will see your total invoice amount. Tap on “Expand” to the right of this to see the cost breakdown. From here you can choose to add additional expenses for supplies, parts, etc. that helped you complete the job by tapping on “Add”. Once all expenses are entered, tap on “Update”. Remember that any additional expenses should be approved by the customer before incurred to avoid any surprises. Use the chat feature to get your customer’s approval!
  • Complete invoice: Once you are satisfied with your customer review and total expenses, tap “Finalize Task” to submit your invoice and charge your customer the final amount. This task will now be added to your completed task and your invoice amount will be included in your total income earned.

If you want to be your own boss, build your business, and start making extra income, HeyBryan is the way to do that.

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