How to make your home more relaxing

Your home should be your sanctuary – a place you can wind down and relax. The design of your home can have a huge influence on how you feel in the space!

Colors definitely have an affect on our moods. The Whipple Group said, “On average, colors like soft blues and greys tend to create more tranquil atmospheres, whereas warmer colors, like yellows and oranges, can make your home feel more welcoming and energetic. Focusing on the colors incorporated into your home can really help you create the feel you’re looking for. Greens will give your home a feel of freshness. Neutral blacks and greys will provide a sense of sophistication. For a cleaner feel, you can’t go wrong with white.”

Large windows with natural light and putting positive quotes throughout your spaces can definitely help you feel more peaceful as well! Bring nature into your home wherever possible with textures and plants.

Finally, clutter can be extremely stressful so try a more minimal approach for a relaxing space. 

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