How to know when it’s time for new carpets

Is it time for you to get new carpets?

Unless a major stain occurs, it can be hard to know when to make the call. 

Here are three ways to know when it’s time to replace your old carpet with something new!

1. It Smells

If you get your carpet professionally cleaned and it still smells, it’s probably time to start fresh. 

Home Stars Blog said, “A lingering smell could indicate that the scent has buried itself deep into the carpet fibres, padding, or subfloor. In extreme cases, it could also be a warning sign that mold has grown beneath the carpet.”

Better safe than sorry in this case!

2. It’s Visibly Worn

Doors, rugs, furniture, and day to day use can all take a toll on the look of your carpet. If you can see areas that are torn or matted, get it replaced! You can either try to have it repaired or go with something completely new. 

One blog said, “General wear and tear over time will eventually reduce the performance of your carpet padding, and once it’s worn out, there’s really no other option except replacement. If you start noticing wrinkles, unevenness or a crinkling sound under your feet when you walk on certain areas of your carpet, that’s a pretty good indication that your padding might be on its last leg.”

3. The Style

Does your carpet look dated? 

Home Stars said, “Sometimes the best reason to get something new is that yours is old. If you’ve had the same carpet for the past 30 years, it’s likely it’s full of stains, smells, and who knows what else.”

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