How to Keep Your House Cool in a Heatwave

It’s already been a hot summer, and the season isn’t over yet. As the outdoor temperature continues to increase, so does the number on your home’s thermostat. How can you enjoy your summer when you feel overheated?

If you don’t have air conditioning, you’re probably searching for any way to get rid of the heat. We’ve put together a few tips that you can use to keep the heat at bay. Take note of these heatwave hacks to cool your home down in a flash…

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Stay out of the Kitchen

You might be craving your grandmother’s classic lasagna, but you may want to reconsider firing up your oven. These appliances produce large amounts of heat to cook meals like casseroles, roasts, and frozen pizzas.

When you’re really craving a hot meal, you can use the barbeque outside. You’ll have to stand in the sun, but at least you won’t be adding more heat to your home!

If you need to use the stove, try to cover any pots with lids to control humidity. Use a hood fan to remove excess heat, and keep the oven door closed as much as possible.

Switch Your Bedroom Blankets

You loved your cozy, fluffy duvet in the winter. But lately, it’s starting to feel a little too warm. It’s difficult to sleep when you’re covered in sweat.

Fold your heavy blankets and store them in the closet for now. Instead, use a thin cotton top sheet on your bed. While this trick may not cool your home, it can make it more bearable for you to sleep during a hot spell. Along with improving your comfort levels, new sheets can make your place feel fresher.

Change the Light Bulbs

This one might sound a bit strange—how can changing a light bulb help with the heat?

Traditional incandescent light bulbs require heat to make light. Did you know that of all the energy an incandescent bulb uses, 95% of it is used to produce heat? Instead, switch to LED bulbs, which emit less heat and last longer.

Hang Heavy Curtains

The natural light that streams in through your windows may put your mind at ease, but it also increases the ambient temperature of your home. Pulling the blinds closed can block heat from entering your home. 

In addition, try to keep the windows closed. Even if the air feels stuffy, the warmth from the outdoors won’t help. You’re better off trying to cool the air that’s already inside your home. During a heatwave, close the windows and draw the blinds. 

If the temperature is forecast to drop at night, you can open a window before you go to bed. Just be sure to close it again before the sun rises!

Limit Your Use of Electronics

Have you ever used your computer for a few hours, and then noticed the heat radiating from it? Things like your TV, washing machine, and battery chargers add more heat to your home. Try to turn off appliances on nights when your home is too hot. You may be better off picking up a book or working on a hobby to pass your time.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Even though you have central air, you find yourself tossing and turning at night, and covered in sweat. Is your air conditioner struggling to keep up with the summer heat? It might be time to repair or replace your AC

It’s no secret that HVAC maintenance can be expensive. But is it worth the cost of your comfort? Without air conditioning, you’ll dread coming home to an overheated house. Try to schedule annual maintenance services so that you can prevent breakdowns that always seem to happen at the worst times.

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Use a Fan

Is your air conditioner out of commission? In the meantime, you can use a makeshift AC unit. All you’ll need is a bowl, ice, water, and a fan. Fill the bowl with the cold water and ice, then aim the fan directly at it. Sit in front of it and enjoy the cool, refreshing air that blows your way. It won’t last forever (because the ice will eventually melt), but it can help you manage the heat until your air conditioner is fixed.

Fans can’t cool a room by themselves—they merely move the air around. With a bowl of ice water, you can disperse cold air around your home.

When you’re in the midst of a heatwave, you might feel tempted to stick your head in the refrigerator. Your home is your sanctuary; you want it to feel like an escape from the outdoors, not like you’re blazing in the heat. Use the above tips to keep the temperatures in your home under control. 

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