How to find a reliable handyman

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A reliable handyman who is experienced in a variety of home improvement skills is great to keep on speed-dial for when your home is in need of renovation and repair. You can save time and money, but how do you find the right handyman who is skilled, trustworthy and affordable? is the best place to start since HeyBryan Experts listed on the site and app are approved, have insurance and a licence or business registration number.

While it’s risky to look elsewhere for credible handyman services, here are tips on where and what to look for if necessary.


Ask friends and family

The best referrals usually come from people you know. Ask friends and family if they have used a handyman for their home renovations and repairs. Find out what they had done, how much they paid, how long it took, and if they were satisfied with the work.

Contact an association

Depending on the work you want done, contact an association that represents the trade. They can advise on local handymen who have a good reputation.

Ask your local home improvement store

Your local home improvement store may know a handyman who comes in often to buy materials, so ask store owners or employees if they know of anyone who has experience in the work you need done.

Search websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji

Free websites can be a ‘wild west’ of scam artists so it’s buyer beware to find a trustworthy handyman on these sites. Study their ads and see what experience and insurance they say they offer (and ask for proof if you plan on hiring them). Contact at least three handymen and discuss the work you want done and their skills.

Google it

By Googling ‘handyman services’ you may be able to find local businesses. Be sure their testimonials and gallery of photos are genuine and contact them for more information.


Ask the handyman about their experience and request photos of their work

Ask the handyman how many years experience and what training he has. Ask to see photos of his work. If the photos also match their references, it’s likely the photos are authentic and not stolen from the Internet.

Ask for three references

Ask for three references and call the homeowners and to inquire about the quality of the workmanship, how long it took to complete the job and cost. Many homeowners thoroughly enjoy sharing their experiences.

Ask about insurance and business licences

Your handyman should be insured, bonded and have a business licence. Accidents happen and a personal injury or damage to your home can result in expensive legal action and insurance claims. Also ask for a warranty or guarantee of the work.

Get the job description in writing

When you’ve chosen the handyman, outline the job in writing that includes the scope of the work, materials to be used, schedule and cost. Avoid any payment up front. A description of the work on paper helps to ensure there’s no misunderstanding.

Supervise the work

Supervise the work by being at home and available so you can check on the progress frequently and ensure every safety precaution possible is in place.

Many handymen are a Jack of All Trades, but some are usually particularly good at one skill such as tiling or carpentry. So consider keeping a list of different handyman on file based on types of jobs you expect to need done in the future. Handymen are busy people, and good people are hard to find. That’s why our HeyBryan Experts are so valued.

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