How to choose the right kitchen faucet

Shopping for a kitchen faucet can be mind-boggling. The choice is enormous when you’re looking at a sea of silver spouts staring at you from a store display. Here are a few tips to help you choose the faucet that’s right for you.

The first consideration needs to be whether you need a single or double-hole kitchen faucet determined by your sink or counter. That can knock out a lot of options from the get-go.

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The second decision is about budget. You’ll likely need to spend at least $100 for a faucet that will last a few years. However, put a price cap on what you can spend since faucets can hit hundreds of dollars easily.

Keep in mind that kitchen faucets do need to be strong workhorses of the household because they see a lot of action and are handled by everyone in the family. So choose a good quality brand with a strong warranty.

Here are the fun features for choosing a kitchen faucet to consider.

One or two handles

Single-handle faucets that swing from hot to cold, and from a slow to fast flow, are convenient and easy to use with one hand. You have finer and faster control of the water you want for the job. However, the swivel joint experiences a lot of use, so be sure you choose a high-quality product.

Double handles or taps are less convenient because you need to turn on one for cold water, and the other for hot to get the temperature and flow just right. However, these types of kitchen faucets tend to be less expensive and also last longer due to not being treated like a joystick.

Spout arc and reach

How high the spout is and its reach is a personal decision based on what you’re filling or washing most often. Do you use large pots frequently? If so, choose a kitchen faucet with a high spout for better clearance. 

Some spouts also have long reach, ideal for a very big sink, and that long neck also makes it convenient to hang a washcloth on to dry. Most spouts are beautifully curved, but squared, right-angled spouts are becoming popular for a modern, edgy style.


Having a faucet with a pull-out or pull-down sprayer adds a lot of convenience to those who both cook and clean. You can use it to reach pots on the counter or a bucket on the floor. You can also better spray the walls of your sink for rinsing and cleaning. But sprayers need to be treated gently as these kitchen faucet styles are more prone to leaks above and below your sink due to damage from rough telescopic treatment.


Without a good quality cartridge your kitchen faucet might only be decorative in a couple of years. Choose a faucet with a ceramic rather than plastic cartridge and it’s likely to be drip-free for longer. However, if your faucet is leaking, a new cartridge (about $40 to $200) may bring it back to life.

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