How to childproof yourself

It’s so exciting when your child begins to walk or crawl – until you realize all the potential hazards!

Childproofing is an important process that you can do yourself! Start with some baby gates strategically placed around the house. While many parents choose the pressure locking gates thinking they will leave less of a mark on the walls, this isn’t always true! Continued movement of those can result in dents to your wall, paint discoloration, and more! It’s safer, easier, and  less damaging to use the ones that screw into the wall.

Invest in some safety latches for your cupboards, wall brackets for heavy furniture, and outlet caps to keep your baby safe!

Kaboutjie said, “Something often overlooked by new parents is the blinds on your windows. The looped chords that they often have are a potential risk because the child could get their neck caught in it and so they are a potential choking hazard.”

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