How blogging can help grow your business

Blogging not only gets immediate attention, but draws people to your website months, and years, after you post it. Blogging has become an essential part of growing any customer-facing business. Yes, blogging can be time-consuming, but remember that when you invest time in growing your audience you are investing time in your business.

5 reasons why you should blog

  1. Increase traffic and Search Engine Optimization. Search engines don’t only look at keywords on your site. They also look for new a relevant content that your site has added. Frequent blog posts help to put you at the top of the list when potential customers are doing their online research.
  2. Attract new customers. The more relevant and helpful content you have on your site the more reputable you will become and more likely you are to have customers hire you. Blogs are a chance for you to impress potential customers with your knowledge, so you can have a chance to show them how talented you are.
  3. Display your skills and experience. Blog articles are a great way to show people that you are a skilled, experienced professional in your area(s) of expertise. Add photos (BEFORE and AFTER photos are great if relevant to your profession) to your blog articles or link them to your portfolio that may be hosted on another page within your website.
  4. Gives you a leg up on the competition. Not everyone has a blog on their website. This is a great way for you to stand out against the competition.
  5. Shows your personality to potential customers. Each blog post should be written to your customers and what they want to hear; however, they should also be a representation of you, what you’re passionate about, and your personality. This let’s your customers get to know you before they even hire you for the job.

Okay, so we’ve convinced you it’s worth it to start blogging. Now what? Follow these steps to get rolling …

8 steps to starting your blog

  1. Choose a blogging platform and link to it from your website. Here’s a great article with some suggestions. Or, ask the person in charge of your website – he/she will know for sure!
  2. Create an About Me section. Who are you? What’s your experience? Why are you someone they should take advice from and eventually hire?
  3. Create a content calendar. Decide what you want to publish and when. This helps you stay on track and be organized.
  4. Hire a ghost writer. If you don’t have the time or the technical writing skills, you may want to hire someone to write the articles for you. You simply supply them with the content and they make you sound like a professional writer. For help finding the right writer for you, click here.
  5. Enable social media sharing. Make sure you have social media sharing icons on your blog. This allows readers to easily share your articles directly to their social channels and bring you more readers.
  6. Enable comments. You should also allow for comments on your blog articles, so you can interact with your customers and they can ask any follow up questions. Engaging customers is always a route for success.
  7. Enable subscriptions. Integrate a subscribe option so readers can be notified every time you publish a new article.
  8. Promote and share your posts. Once you publish your blog articles you should share them from your own social channels. Cross-media marketing is a great way to expand your readership and following.

Step 1, you agree it’s worth making the investment in your business to start blogging. Step 2, you’re equipped with the knowledge to get started. What’s left? Ideas, ideas, ideas. What should you blog about? Here are a few tips …

How to come up with ideas for your blog

  • Start by thinking about what you are good at, what you like about what you do, and what your customers would want to read about.
  • Then talk to you customers. Listen to what they have to say when you are out helping them. What are things they are interested in learning? What are their common frustrations or problems?
  • Make a list of potential article topics and ask yourself: is this interesting to my customer base? Is this relevant to my business? Is it something I can write about?
  • Do some research online. The less you find when you search your topic, the more likely you are to draw readers to your site when they search for your topic.

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