Home projects to tackle this winter

Winter is a time when many people want to join the bears and hibernate, but at HeyBryan, we think it’s it is the best time to take care of those engaging tasks inside your home that you keep putting off. Here are some ideas that can you freshen up your home and help you feel productive this winter.

Update light fixtures

Light fixtures are an important element of our homes that often get overlooked. One way to easily and quickly make your home look updated is to switch out your light fixtures. Do you have that limited track lighting in the kitchen that cast shadows behind your when you’re trying to read your Oh She Glows or dice an onion? Not only does changing it out add more function, but it updates its fashion as well. This is a quick and easy job that a skilled electrician can take care of you in a snap.

Interior painting

I don’t now about you, but painting is one of those tasks that I know I can do an okay job at, but I dread the idea of taping my baseboard edges, trying to cover my floor from splatter, rinsing paint out of my hair (I really have no idea how it happens, but it’s every time), and just the overall shoulder pain from painting. However, I LOVE how great my place looks after it is freshly painted; it gives it a brand-new feeling like nothing else. So why not hire an Expert to tackle some of that painting for you this winter. Even if it is only a few rooms, you will be so pleased to get that fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Organize your closets

Yay for organizing! With every new season comes a chance to purge and organize. You may not be a Maria Kondo, so we have many Experts who can take your closets to the next level for you. Start by purging items such as clothes that you kept last winter, but never actually wore, or plastic containers that haven’t had a matching lid since prohibition. Then let our HeyBryan Experts do the rest.

Upgrade your fireplace

What feels more like winter than cuddling up in front of your fireplace with a hot chocolate and your favourite book while wrapped in that blanket that has stuck with you since elementary. It’s the best time to give some love back to your fireplace by consulting with an Expert on how you can liven it up. Whether its upgrading the mantle, painting the brick or fulling replacing it, your entire room will feel new again.

Hey, some of these home projects just might require a helping hand. Download the free HeyBryan app, sign up and book a local, vetted, HeyBryan Expert to complete work!

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