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HeyBryan connects home-service Experts, like you, with local residents to take care of tasks around the house.

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Create your own rates

Set your value and make great money.

Get paid fast

Enjoy seamless payments with direct deposit.

Set your own schedule

You decide where and when you work.

Work for you

Build your business and increase your income.

Set your own pace

Find a work-life balance that’s right for you.

Become HeyBryan certified

Earn certification through positive customer ratings.

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Access hundreds of new customers looking for home-service experts like you!

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Hey, Bryan.

For the past decade, Bryan Baeumler has focused on his passion for educating homeowners and saving DIY-ers with his many TV shows while becoming Canada's loved and trusted veteran contractor. Now he is here for you with HeyBryan's trusted Experts.

Take HeyBryan with you!

Find jobs and grow your business when you’re on the move.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of becoming a HeyBryan expert?

HeyBryan connects you to a new network of local customers through a simple, seamless and secure process that gives you control of your own business. HeyBryan will generate new leads for your business and new revenue to help grow your business, and ultimately, you are your own boss: set your rates, create your schedule, work when and where you want and get paid fast!

What makes someone a HeyBryan Expert?

The quick answer is any home-service professional who is great at what they do. All Experts go through a thorough background check and then they can start booking jobs immediately.

Can I still be a HeyBryan Expert if I don’t have a trade certification?

Absolutely! At HeyBryan, we know that being an expert isn’t just being a skilled tradesperson. We have multiple categories of experts that don’t require you to be a skilled trade such as painters and cleaners.

How does payment work? How long after the job is complete does it go through?

When a HeyBryan Experts joins our team, we get them setup for direct payment through the app. Once a service is completed, HeyBryan immediately takes payment on behalf of the Expert and starts the seven-day verification process. Payments are then automatically deposited into the Experts account every Monday.

How long before I can start booking jobs?

The process is quick and simple, so you can start booking jobs right away. Once you complete the 4-step sign-up process, your details are confirmed, and a background check is completed immediately, so you can start booking jobs that very day!

What can I charge for my services?

Since you set your rates, this is completely up to you. To maximize your opportunity for booking jobs, make sure to keep your rates competitive and provide great service and value that will get you five-star reviews.

How do I get paid?

When you sign up to become an Expert, one of the four simple steps is to include your bank details for automatic deposit. Once a job is completed, payment is received from your customer and is automatically deposited into your account. It’s that simple!