Expert Toolbox

It’s OK, this isn’t the HeyBryan police. Instead, think of this as a gentle reminder of behaviour that we all expect of ourselves, plus some tips to help protect yourself out there. After all, as a HeyBryan expert, you’re our most prized asset so we want things to go smoothly for you.

Expert Toolbox

Core beliefs

How to apply our shared qualities

  • Pride

    As a HeyBryan expert, you value a job well done above anything else. There’s no shortcuts, no smoke and mirrors, just pride in a job well done. A pride that shines through to every customer and with every task you complete.

  • Honesty

    Trust is paramount at HeyBryan. Whether chatting about the task beforehand or completing the task at hand, you’re always the first to be upfront about any unexpected changes. We always strive to enable a positive experience based on complete transparency.

  • Integrity

    Fair quotes for a fair price. Any agreed task time is backed up with punctuality. If an additional expense arises, you’re open with the customer and you’ll always keep them updated.

  • Care

    Customers who welcome you into their homes expect you to treat it as your own. When rearranging the home at completion, you clean up and leave the home just as you left it—except one small task better.

  • Aspiration

    With HeyBryan, you’re working towards your next aspirations goals. Whether that’s financial freedom, more time for your family or even just to improve your expertise.

House rules

Just a few things we do insist on

  • Punctuality please

    Being on time is a real mark of respect to your customer. It says you care. In the same way, avoid cancelling last minute—it could also impact your reputation in the app.

  • There’s no team in I

    Remember, it’s only you on the HeyBryan platform. If you have other members/employees of your business you’d like to send out to jobs, they’ll need to set up an account on HeyBryan too. And you must inform the customer as they need to approve this too. Assuming you have approval on any additional team members, it’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on them. After all, they are a reflection of you and your business.

  • Expenses

    If there are any expenses, please notify your customer via the chat feature as to the added cost and explain what’s needed. Only expense the amount required for that specific job as the customer pays for it and again, make sure you get approval from them.

  • Clean

    We would never ask you to be clean-shaven or anything like that. But we do ask that you’re presentable and not covered in dirt and stains. Basically, treat the home you’re visiting even better than you would your own. And think about footwear too. Cleanboots are always a good solution.

  • Check and double-check the details

    A little foggy on where to hang this shelf? Not certain what side the customer wants the cabinet to open? Always double check with your customer. Typically, owners like being involved in the process anyways, so use this as an opportunity to build even more trust with them.

  • Never exchange cash

    To protect both you and the customer, all jobs are invoiced directly through the app once you’ve completed the task. There should never be a time when money changes hands.

Task checklist

What to expect on the day and how you can prepare

  • Make sure all details are agreed upon
  • Check your tools and supplies
  • Confirm any expenses
  • Show up on time
  • Take ID in case it’s requested
  • Get customer approval before closing task
  • Use the reschedule feature ASAP if needed
  • Take photos (before/after) because you’re proud

Value a job well done?

Then we value you. Become a HeyBryan expert and make more with your skills.